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Portable Source for Shure SE535?

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I have an iPod and an iPhone, but I was looking for a better source before I get my SE535s.

I'd be willing to spend about 200$ that can be stretched to 400$ if it's really "worth" it.


I do have access to tons of FLACs and my current music library has nothing under 192kbps, most of them at V0 or V2 (mp3)

Support for FLAC and MP3 is a must.


I also would like some "Shuffle" capabilities and "Folders" if they lack playlists.

Folders are pretty useful when FLACs are not tagged.


Mac support is a plus, but not a requisite.


Any tips appreciated :P

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i'm also looking for a new source.  right now i'm leaning towards a cowon j3.  a lot of people are also liking the cowon x7, although I find it too "bulky" to be portable


besides that, people around here seem to suggest getting a sansa clip+ or fuze

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Reading down through what you want out of the player, my mind was pinging Cowon over and over. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna pick up a J3 within the week, I just can't justify saving $20-40 by buying the S9 and losing SD memory capability. The x7 has an LCD screen, which I think was incredibly lame for its release in October '10. It has a big hard drive though, but buy the J3 at $150 less, and you can pick up several Micro SD-HC cards to hold whatever you need. AMOLED FTW!


If you need a little extra kick to drive your Shure's, picking up a portable amp like the mini3 would always be good addition to a good media player.

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in my experience, iphone was and is best source for my shure 530... which iphone do you have?

(well... except EQ... but I dont need it since I like sound from iphone + shure combo)

I would get portable amp like arrow to pair with touch or iphone...

iphone also has flac players from app store...(somewhat lacking still)


but if you need full flac support I guess cowons are good choice too...or something that can run rockbox

but I really dig iphone 4 sound... its heavenly to my ears...

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Hi, I have tried many sources including various ipods and my wife's ipad(sorry no iphone)and prefer my j3 with my se530s.Obviously not the same as se535 but similar.                       G




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I'm not sure how this whole thing works, but if you consider the frequency range of the se535s (18Hz - 18kHz) and the iPhone 4, which I have (20Hz - 20kHz). Does that mean I won't be using my Shures to its full potential?


I have heard of FLAC players from the App store on the iPhone. What exactly is lacking from them? The iPhone audio output isn't good enough?


I'm looking at Cowons right now and they look pretty good. My fingers are itching to buy one :P

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in my experience its ui is not perfect yet, and crashes often times... you will know when you get it and start using it. 

( im talking about buzz player classic, not flac player which might be much better )

I use buzz player "classic" because I have iphone 3g  which does not support other buzz player version

if you have 3gs or newer. you might like Flac player from app store, I cant use it because it keeps crashing on my 3g

if you Jailbreak, you can get both flac player and buzz player for free from installous...

and... i think that frequency range is something you will hardly notice...


I have sony S series, iphone, cowon d2... and my favorite is iphone in terms of SQ

I had clip without rockbox and I hated it and returned within few days maybe I should try rockboxing since its so cheap

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I use iPod for my SE530. Not because it sounds good, only because it is convenient for me. For better sound quality, I would suggest Cowon J3 or S9.

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i have used my 535 with ipod classic, ipod touch 4g and clip+ rockboxed, and definately preferred the touch to the other 2 for sq. I'm not much of an eq person (use "flat" settings mostly) so maybe this influenced it. All of them have plenty of juice to power the shures, but I am considering the arrow amp; just unsure of whether the financial cost is too much to justify maybe only a slight improvement, plus the waiting time is offputting. Personally I find the sansa sounded a bit "muddier" and less clean than the ipods, though I have heard some say the ipods are too artificial sounding...never tried a cowon though so maybe that's the best route....

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I don't know if it's just me BUT my j3 and d2+ never crash.I use one or the other every day.I had a problem with this at first with my j3 but with the new firmware there is no problem.

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I'd go for a Cowon J3, but just be careful you know that there might be issues with some Macs unless you use an app like BlueHarvest. Also you will have to get used to drag and drop, which I prefer but many Mac users lave their iTunes.

If you're not too keen on the J3 go for an external amp and LOD - but because I don't follow the portable amp scene I won't recommend any.

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