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Archive of HeadRoom Measurements

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Over the past few months, I have been harvesting and archiving all the measurements of (mostly) headphones published by HeadRoom. Although this archive contains measurements that have since been removed, it probably lacks some older ones, too.

It additionally includes the individual measurements done by Tyll Hertsens.
I hope that this archive will be useful for some, and that the venerable creators bear no ill will towards me.


Updated "Headphone_Measurements_20110507.7z":




Old "Headphone_Measurements_20110506.7z":



Old "HeadRoom_20110306.7z":



Old "HeadRoom_20110301.7z":



Old "HeadRoom_20101209.7z":


Old "HR_20101021.7z":

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Very interesting information, thanks for digging them out. I will definitely be looking over them

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Have you thought about dropping these into the Wiki? That would be a wonderful resource.
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Updated archive.
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Thanks for the update.


I noticed they recently added the SR125i, I wonder if they can do the same for all the other i models.

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Updated archive and added older measurements that I could find via Google (prefix: "old_").
I have included older measurements only for headphones that had not been covered already. These measurements should probably be taken with a pinch of salt as some of them differ quite considerably from newer measurements.

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good job

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I hope these links stay up for a very long time, and they should be turned into a wiki indeed.

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Good job. No ill willfrom my end.

Starting to build up a library of new measurements. Snag them here.
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Updated and reorganized archive. The archive now includes measurements from headphone.com and innerfidelity.com in their respective subdirectories.
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Reorganized archive and removed a few duplicates (only if removed at headphone.com as well). Each device measured by HeadRoom now has its own descriptively named subdirectory for easy look up.
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