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I've been noting the following problem in Safari and thought it a Safari issue until I encountered it when using Opera.  It doesn't exist when using Chrome.


I'm a Mac user btw and am running the latest full release versions of each browser.


I use the 'Home' page for head-fi to see which of the threads I'm subscribed to contain new posts.  This has worked really in that I no longer need to use email notifications.  Anyway, I suspect that the problem could well exist with the email notification system.


Anyway, when I select a thread that has new posts, the thread loads, taking me to the first of the unread messages.


Now here's the problem:


- I select the thread X when I'm taken to the first unread post, i.e., post # AA1.  I read to post #AA4.


- I go back to the home page, read a few other threads an on reloading the homepage, I see that there are new posts again in thread X.


- I select thread X where I expect to be taken to post #AA5.  However, I'm instead still taken to thread #AA1.  The only way to prevent this behaviour is to empty Safari or Opera's cache prior to selecting Thread X.


I don't have this issue with Chrome and never had this issue with the previous head-fi site.


Anyone else experiencing this?