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For Sale: FS: Hifiman HM-801 with 32 GB card

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For Sale:
FS: Hifiman HM-801 with 32 GB card

Will Ship To: Anywhere

No issues with this, includes everything, and the updated amp module.

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Is it still available?

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Hello, AndrewG! I would like to know the total price of your HM-801 set(DAP+32 Gb SD card)+shipment to Ukraine price. Is such shipment possible?

Also you wrote about the updated amp module of your HM-801, does it mean it has a lower amplification ratio (0.9) for better compatibility with low-impedance balanced armature headphones? Or is it something else?

And the last question: currently I have an HM-601, which like the HM-801 has a line out and I found that the sound from HM-601 line out is much darker, than it is from a headphone out, actually it is unlistenable at all because of excessive lows and complete tonal disbalance. I tried the HM-RE-ZERO and Sennheiser HD-595 headphones with my HM-601 line out and got the same result: disbalanced, unlistenable sound. So, have you ever experienced such or any problems with your HM-801 line out? Does it sound distorted?

I, suppose it can be,and probably is, the firmware related issue with my HM-601 line out, or an issue of my particular HM-601 device. But for a peace of mind just need to know for sure if is not inherent to all HM series:) 


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