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Hi there,

I have a problem. I bought the Sony DR-GA500 surround headphones to use with my PS3 and its not compatible! Now Pixmania are saying I need to spend £20 to return them...


I have Bose Over Ears (the £99 ones) and I was wondering whether it is worth keeping the Sony's over the Bose as I've heard negative stuff about Bose here.

When I first tried the Sony's on I found them quite trebly compared to the Bose. After fiddling with volume as I think I had them too loud I got used to them some more. Now my Bose sound really dull and muffled compared.

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what the differences between the specs are etc and their opinions?

The actual model of the Sony headphones included in the DR-GA500 pack are the GA210s.

Many thanks. I'm looking to figure this out relatively soon so I can decide what to do re Pixmania's return/refund.


PS. Primarily I'm looking to use them for use with a JVC SU-DH1 for Blu-ray and gaming via PS3.