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WTB: 45 yr old looking for AKG K240 MP Sextetts

OK, a play on some of the threads in the headphone forum.  :-)


My price range would be say $125 to $175.  I can go an additional $10 for shipping.  48 CONUS only.


I don't care about the elastics or foam or earpads because all those can be replaced.  But, expect the lower price range if they do need to be replaced, and the higher range if everything is OK as-is.


I don't care about the cable either, but if they have been recabled, I could go a little higher.  But if you have a $1000 cable on them and you want to recoup that money, forget it.  :-)


Paypal only.  You must have feedback here and/or eBay and/or Amazon's Marketplace.  (I have feedback here with both the new and old system.  I can PM you my eBay id so you can check there too.)


You have to have documentation that they are indeed MP's.  (The white baffle circles with the orange around the outside..)  I have LP's and I don't need another pair of those.  I will get EP's someday, but I'm only intereted in the MP's right now.


thanks !!