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Looking for a budget IEM

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I have owned IE8 and UM3x and greatly preferred the um3x. Looking for something like that but for <$100

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HJE900s, MEElec M6s.


I haven't heard the HJEs but I've read that they're great for the price.

I own the M6s along with the SE535s. They're obviously not as good as the Shures, but they sound a LOT better than they're priced. So if you want to save yourself a lot of money, go get yourself a pair of M6s. Overstock is having a sale on them ($18 with $1 shipping). They're much more colored than the Shures too, which is I'm guessing good for you, as you're previous IEMs were the IE8s and UM3Xs.

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I have it narrowed down to HJE900, Phonak Audeo Perfect Bass, and RE0. Which one would be best? 

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the phonak are very good, but if you liked the um3x, then you have to buy a better version of this (with the neutral filter and so on)

RE0 have very good highs and they are the cheapest.

I don´t know anything about the hje900.

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