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Does FLAC music files drain more battery life on DPA than mp3 files?

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I recently purchased a j3 player and was curious if FLAC files on a DPA drains more battery than mp3 files in 320kbs or 128kbs? If so, what is the reason why FLAC drains more battery life?

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I remember reading something a while back that it does, and it varies due to the compression type/level of the file.

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Yes It drains more power. A mp3 player usually buffers files from memory on to the RAM and if files are higher bitrate it will have to buffer more often thus using more electricity. Also I believe that Flac files require more processing power to decode thus cpu also uses more more electricity.

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yes, and no... depends....

you need to enjoy music, anyway.... for answering your question, yes, it may drain the battery a little faster...... but not dramatic.....

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Question! Important!


i have some flac files, downloaded, they are flac, large, almost huge files, but the bitrate is not variable as i am used to flacs.... are these new ones real flacs, or what?...... please, who knows i really need an answer

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They are not necessarily fake.

I would recommend opening the files in a software that can show the the audio graphically, paint int in black and white and watch for holes especially in the highest and lowest frequencies.


Adobe Audition can do it.

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hm... they have anyway high bitrate, something about 800kbps, just i never heard of cbr (constantbitrate)
 in a flac..... i was just wondering....

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Take an MP3 file and convert it to FLAC. You will see yourself they are reaching such numbers.

Sorry, but that's not enough.




They usually vary between 800~1100, as far as I can tell by checking my FLAC libraries.

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question! an flac file, must sound a lot different from the mp3, or can be similar?.....

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It's very hard to tell high bitrate quality mp3's from flac files unless you have the most discerning of equipment. 

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Well, after getting used to FLAC, it became easy for me to spot the difference. As it my ears knew what frequencies to look for...

Songs on Youtube even stopped being enjoyable...At that point I even wished I didn't start listening to FLAC files...


I've started suffering from hearing loss this year and it is now sometimes hard for me to tell and sometimes actually easier. Lower bit rates feel weird and in my ears, gives some feel of discomfort. And really low rates can even drive me crazy.

On the other hand, I don't feel like songs on Yotubue sound horrible anymore.


Just telling what I feel. This could be all-psychological though.

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so, it's some kind of placebo osmetimes, and it's all the quality sometimes!....

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Actually it's easier to tell the difference between flac and Mp3 files if use highend DAPs like Hifiman HM-801, iMod ipod, S;Flo2, Sony X1060 and highend universal IEMs, headphones or custom IEMs. Because flac or lossles files shows more space between instruments, more power, more details and more extention between all frequencies and mp3 files shows less details, extention and less power.

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