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Do you think the FA 002w is better than the AKG 701 or the HD650 ?
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Has anyone ordered theirs from GD AudioBase ? Or do you guys all get them through Fischer ?

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Everyone stateside has pretty much orders theirs from GD-A.


Where to buy?

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So the status of mine changed to "Shipped" on October 21... Is 4+ weeks from Russia to US normal? Are they using carrier pigeons?


More importantly, does anyone ever get tracking numbers? I've asked GD audiobase twice but haven't gotten a single reply... A simple "no we don't give out tracking numbers" would be 500x better customer service than just not replying IMO. Maybe I should use google translate and send my question in russian..

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Same with me, I never got a tracking number either, only been about 2 weeks since mine shipped though. Really strange, wonder if anyones ordered these in the past couple months and had the same issues.

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First Impressions of my FA 002w

They look beautiful. I'll add picture sometime, the wood is gorgeous.

Despite not having an adapter to connect them to my computer or Zune, I could plug them into my new Kawai CA3 that has 1/4" headphone outputs (edit: a week later I realize the 1/4 part just screws off to reveal the 1/8 part, like an adapter for only these headphones). I played Chopin's Nocturne in Eb Op 9 No 2 first and was very impressed. I had been thinking that my piano's speakers didn't represent the sound nearly as well the output actually was, and my new headphones confirmed this. I feel like I can actually here the Kawai EX Concert Grand that its 88 keys were (individually!) sampled from. This (combined with the ivory feel of the my piano's keys and superb RM3 action) made playing simply amazing. Then I played Chopin's Waltz in Db Op 64 No 1 and that must have been the fastest and most controlled I've every played it. The increased in sound quality brings out the finer level of perfection in my piano and consequently I have to play with an even higher level of finesse and control. I'm loving it. The bass notes and high notes are especially a lot better sounding than they were with either my built-in speakers or my Senn Hd 202's (best headphones I've heard up until today).

I go to a Best Buy and buy an adapter set that include a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter and plug it straight into my Zune. First song from a real (how good is a Zune?) source: High Hopes by Pink Floyd. This song is a real eye opener for what I've been missing. The piano sounds so real. I had never noticed the guitar so clearly either. Well, pretty much everything was clearer. I felt like I could just peel whatever instrument I wanted to out of the rope of music and listen to it specifically. Maybe I'm just having fun with similes, but that's what was going through my head. When the beat picks up for real (I don't know, maybe 5 minutes in or so?) I really start to notice how everything sounds so good together. Each different gets focus for a little bit before the focus shifts, I feel like that was really well done by Pink Floyd and my new headphones brought it out more than I had ever noticed.

Louis Armstrong with Without My Walking Stick sounds better, I don't think I have a very good recording though. The muted trumpet was a lot more real than I ever remember. I used to play trumpet (used mutes occasionally) and it brought back good memories. 

Rachmaninoff's Prelude Op 23 No 5 was next. I'm learning this song right now and listening to it brought out some details I had never noticed. I heard the left hand more distinctly in the middle part than I remember hearing before.

Well, I'm really liking these so far. I've got winter from the Four Seasons playing now and I'll leave it at that.

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Tossing up between these and the D2000. I want something that can handle the bass of Doom/Sluge, the blast beats of Death Metal, just reproduce drums well, including cymbals/highs. I just want something that can pump out decent bass, and extend the atmosphere a song inherently has if you know what I mean. Which of these cans would be better for "heavier" music? (downtuned, bass heavy "wall of sound", hard drums, etc)

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Anybody have any full sized amp suggestions for these?


I'm thinking either the M-Stage or Little Dot III at the moment.. Don't really know if I should go with with SS or tubes since I haven't heard many of either.

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Fischer claims there's differences in sq between woods used?



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I've got wood cups in an auction if anyone's interested.
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