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Not happy T3 + SonyA846 + ETY MC5

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Hi Guys,

I just want to share my experience with my new T3.

I have just posted a question sometime ago about getting  a portable amp for my ETY MC5.


I decided to get T3 from IBasso. I got it yesterday and I have to say it disappoint me as the sound is worst than without the Amp. I'm not an expert in audio but to my liking the sound is much clearer and more natural without the amp.


I'm wondering if anyone going through the same thing.


I am going to return my T3 and get something else it it is an option for me. Is there any suggestion on Amps which will improve the sound on my MP3 ( pls remember that I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars) - so it there is no amp for me. I'm okay.


Thanks guys.


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NVM...but I did notice it has noise canceling option, you might want to check if thats on as I heard that noise canceling will degrade the sound when used with an amp.

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That depends on the line out. Not all of them are better than the headphone out.

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Thanks guys,


Yes, I know the noise cancelation but it has been off as I don't like using them.


Rawster: When you said" That depends on the line out. Not all of them are better than the headphone out" do you mean that it depends on the quality of the file itself?


Sorry I'm new to this.



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No, its the conncetion between ur source and the AMP, in some players the headphone ouput has horrible quality due to double amping, while useing a LOD cable alows for good SQ connection for an amp. In other players the headphone ouput can be better then the line out, or the line out is not any beater then the headphone output (like in Zune HD).

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Soviet911: I'm confused now.


So, if I have purchased the LOD cable and connected the T3 - I would have got the sound I was after. please correct me if I am wrong.


At the moment I'm looking at CmoyBB but when I contacted John and told my story with T3, he can not give me the opinion as he has never tried the Sony WalkmanA846.


I'm wondering if someone would be able to help.


Thanks guys!

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Well I received my T3 today, and useing it with Zune HD>T3>HD25-1 over useing my Cmoy there is slightly more bass but over all nothing that strieks out of the ordinary I used RMAA tester to test the freqency responce of a brand new T3 and it showed a fairly balanced out put.





Lows (only large diff from the orginal laptop sound source)




When I compared the graphs to my sound card (graph labled Lappy, T3 with G and number referes to the gain setting) the out to amplified T3 signal there was practicly no change in frequency responce untill you look into the low regions where at gain of +3 the bass is slightly emphasized over the source and where gain of 8 and 10 the bass is generaly lower then the signal wich is to be expected. So technicly speaking when you get a line out you will see amplification in signal but it should stay true to the sound source and as such only improvment in SQ is the sound stage. Wich is what IMO the amp is suppose to do, in order to adjust the sound signature use of EQ is needed. 

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Thanks for the info. it seems that Amp is probably not what I need - may be different IEMs which suits my liking will be better.


With my Sony A846 I find that the bass of my MC5 is does not have enough power (mid and high are perfect) - is there any suggestion for IEM for me?


My budget is under $200



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Hi, this might be a bit out of line, but as a just in case, if you do plan on selling your T3, can you drop me a message?


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Unfortunately I returned it after 2 days of receiving it. I was so disssapointed when I used it.


I got the refund already.


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