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Regarding tips,  My left ear canal is slightly smaller in circumfrence than my right ear so the large was tending to dislodge out after a few minutes.  I switched to medium in left ear and large in right ear which seemed fine.


I tried some dual flange Ultimate Ears tips and these are great!  They seem to stay a bit more secure, I can use the same size in both ears and the sound seems identical to the supplied Grado gel tips.


Goodvibes....not sure what player you are using but try a little bit of bass eq or "rock" setting if Ipod product.  It's perfect to my ears.

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I've got a touch with 16/48 wav down converted from 24/96 in Wavelab, a Fuze/rockbox with FLAC and a nice headphone amp from some home kit with hi res. I'm staying away from EQ for the moment but may go that way if I want them weightier after they have 100 hours or so. I wont get another listen for a few hours but I could hear their potential. I'll collect some tips to try too. Their's are as comfy as hybrids but without the high frequency damping.

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18 hours of run time and they've changed a lot. Similar traits but clearly less pronounced. Non critical listen as they're just hooked up to a dvd receiver for breakin with a well recorded CD and it's not special but it's the last way I listened before run in as a reference. Bass is more apparent, the top is getting more even and extended and the mids are less constricted. Fresh out of the box, they didn't like loud vibes but now it's not an issue. Still a bit lean but also more even and open. No longer congested and separates sounds well. Not at all hard or ringy. Sounds like they're going the right way. I'll report back tomorrow and wont listen again until then to try and eliminate brain burn in.

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Lean sounding huh.....

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With their tips so far, yes but no sibilance etc. I'm being a bit critical due to price. I went against what I said earlier and listened to Spyro about tips. I have a set of Brainwaves dual flange and everything's fallen into place. I tried some single flange UEs, hybrids and some others. The hybrids sucked and took too much top, the UEs were fine but the duals are just real nice so far. It was about 5 minutes on known material and I put the originals back on until tomorrow. Tip sensitive, LOL what else is new?  Not to compare quality as there is a big dif but tonally, these are already less lean than M1s with the same tips for example. It's my biggest beef about expensive IEMs. Tips that suit ones ears sonically and comfort wise can make or break a purchase.


I forgot to mention, these are a very comfy shape and size.

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OK. I wanted to make sure not to give the wrong impression so I plugged them into my Fuze and Ipod Touch with the stock tips and honestly they're singing. These have changed more in the last day then I thought as they were definitely top biased with my portables out of the box and they don't sound lean here at all or like they did in the dvd player. Similar to what happened with Spyro's impressions. I'll break them in more and see where it goes but I'd settle for what I'm hearing right now. My apologies for jumping the gun but the breakin experiment is over. Better to give proper impressions. I knew the breakin system was mediocre and certainly not something I listen to music on but I guess I didn't realize how mediocre.blink.gif If you're curious, it's an NAD L54 that probably drives the phone jack with step down resistors off the amp.


My music system is mostly Naim.

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After reading your impressions it makes me think there WAS some break-in versus me saying it was just getting the right tips.  The treble is more relaxed but still very revealing.  Zero harshness or siblance.  Bass is a nice combination of tightness and fullness.  Not thick and heavy like so many others.  The timbres are perfect to me.  I hear vrtually nothing that stands out as a flaw or weakness with any sound characteristic.   They seem very well-engineered to me.


But I would say with EQ off or flat, these would not work for me.  It would be too lean.  But I would say that about every single IEM's I have owned except perhaps W3.


Yes...sigh....as usual the right fit is important.  But once you find the right tip option with these they are easy and care free to take in and out.

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goodvibes, what other good universal earphones do you own or have owned that would be of similar technical ability to the GR10 that could give me an idea of what they sound like?

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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post

goodvibes, what other good universal earphones do you own or have owned that would be of similar technical ability to the GR10 that could give me an idea of what they sound like?

If I had to make an educated guess EQ7 w/ a different signature.  Perhaps too obvious an answer?

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Never heard an EQ7 but I've listened to jh5/13/16, Etymotics, Monster Coppers, re252 se535. Have owned TF10/5/3, SE530, pl50, M1, Im590, TD100, ADDIEM. Monsters and TD100s have too much bass for me as does to a lesser degree the IM590 which also has a bit extra zip but is still good overall. The M1 and PL50 are too tight and not extended enough in the bottom. JHs are much liked. I'd call the JH5 a bit warmish overall but great for just portable listening and a JH13 as close to spot on as I've heard in an IEM. I like Beyer DT931s for cans. I'm neither a bass head nor prefer things without body. I like (at least my idea ofwink_face.gif) neutral to perhaps a tiny bit warmer in an IEM as it can sound more natural to me when they're not too analytical. Doesn't explain the JH13 which is my fav and just about spot on tonally so I guess like all things, it's somewhat relative. For instance, I though the TF3 the best for the money of the UEs and it's the least warm. It's more about the package presentation and not getting in the way of the music than anything else. While I  like a complete sound, the mids will make or break an product for me. For speakers, I like Sonus Faber Auditor M's and either new or ancient Quads with or without a REL B2 woofer used judiciously.


I haven't heard the Orto's but I think Anaxilus may be right. From what I've read about the EQ-7 these would probably have similar warmth though maybe tighter bottom and perhaps a airier presentation without the peak then roll in the upper ranges. Lots of body to the sound. These really have a nice sense of air and timbre without hash. It's got a very slightly warm sig that's not messing with the mids and unlike Spyro, I wouldn't EQ. This is the sig I like as when not sitting still, a lean IEM will sound more so and I don't use IEMs sitting still. I haven't listened long yet so it's too soon to say too much but I tend to pick up sigs pretty quickly when I use a known source. These are JH5ish from memory which has been the best I've heard in the price range and will never be JH13s, at least for me. As they stand now, they don't have a significant sig other than a bit of extra body which I can't say about others I've owned and their own tips are great. I'm sure any individual trait can probably be beat by something else but I was rather impressed with the sum on last audition. I have them burning in at work and will give an update later.


 I put the mid size tips on my M1s, wore them cable up for a deeper insertion for seal and it's also the best they've sounded. Actually, the very slightly vent modded M1s are probably as natural as any of the higher end models I've had though not as resolved or extended. They were clearly too lean before the smaller than pin hole vent and quickly screwed the mids with too large a vent. I haven't talked much about venting them because I think it's way too touchy and easier to make them worse than better.

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Just compared to a an Etymotic HF5 that a Columbia college prof from the sound dept had with him and we both agreed that the GR10 was more natural and extended. It's less warm today and smoother again but only slightly so, so things have settled down. They may be slightly warm or not as they can sound either ever so slightly etched (Fuze/Rockbox) or slightly smooth Ipod Touch which is how I feel these devices should sound. They always have good body and are one of the few IEMs that I've heard who's flaws weren't exposed with a good home headphone amp.

 They don't have that sub-bass feel to them but there's nothing I haven't heard on any bass heavy material I've auditioned, I can see somebody perhaps preferring tp have more sub bass, Sparkle or attack but for me these would all detract from what the phone already offers. They're very textural, balanced and open without being in any way boring, at least for me. Nothings perfect and I still prefer other methods of listening to IEMs in general but these fit my bill nicely.bigsmile_face.gif Comfort, great tips and great sound. Other than admission, what's not to like?

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I meant more of a reference sound but that's pretty much been answered. Lean for some could be just right for others.


I really liked the e-Q7 but the housing was a bit large for me sometimes and it did make my ears sore once in a while. The GR10 looks like it has a similar signature but solves the issue of a large housing.

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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post

I really liked the e-Q7 but the housing was a bit large for me sometimes and it did make my ears sore once in a while. The GR10 looks like it has a similar signature but solves the issue of a large housing.

isn't the eq5 supposed to have a similar sound sig to the 7 (and perhaps the gr10), but with a more attractive price and perhaps a better form factor?

i look forward to some comparisons.  etysmile.gif

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I believe the E-Q5 is the same diameter as the E-Q7 and cylindrical as opposed to tapering back like the Grado so they're probably similar to the E-q7 comfort wise. I was surprised by the size of the Grado. They appear larger in the pics. I also personally believe that all three use unique drivers though of similar construction. Will be interested to hear comparisons.

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I really don't think I'll own either the e-Q5 or GR10 at least anytime soon but the GR10 interests me more. From what James has said the e-Q5 has pretty much the same size housing as the e-Q7 which is something I'm not sure I would want. The diameter of the e-Q7 at it's longest diameter was the reason why my ears would get sore once in a while so I'd rather not have that esp after getting used to the fit of customs and many earphones lately that have small housing or are very ergonomic. The GR10 has a better form factor from pictures although it is more expensive.

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