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How's the bass texture on these? I found the e-Q7 to have one of the best I've heard and if the GR10 is similar I may look into them if I see them for cheaper. I'm just waiting for AC Gears to get them eventually before I decide anything.

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Originally Posted by Spyro View Post

These IEM's are absolutely fantastic.  They seem to handle all genres of music just fine but with acoustic jazz and vocals, they easily surpass anything else I have ever heard.  I am very happy with them.  The clarity and smoothness is superb.

Wow! So what would you say the percentage of overall improvement is over the GR8? I know it's subjective and all, but your impressions have been very interesting. Thanks for taking one for the team. I'm glad you're enjoying them.

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Rawster - The bass is very tight and it extends deep.  I hear people use this to describe Etys but I do not hear that.  With GR10 I definitely hear it that way.  It is not "thick" sounding but produces the music very faithfully with any decent recording.  I have been listening to a lot of jazz with these.  Jazz with many ensemble of instruments with busy music, lots of percussion, etc and nothing bleeds into anything else.  The reproduction is fast and articulate.  I also can't say enough about the vocals.  Shures (SE535) are excellent with vocals as well but I prefer GR10 because it is not quite as warm.  Absolutely no veil of any kind.  A little better realism IMHO.


dongringo - At least a 20% improvement over GR8 (which to me is significant at this level).  The slight graininess I hear with GR8 is gone with GR10.  Slightly more efficient, slightly more bass extension and quite a bit more overall clarity and treble energy but not where it is harsh or siblant.  The only way possible a person could not consider these a top 2-3 universal IEM is if they prefer a very thick, full sound like one would get with a W3 type sound sig.  It is terrific in every other aspect.

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This thing sounds like the holy grail of IEMs for me. It seemingly fixes the very minor flaws in the e-Q7 and GR8, and I hold the e-Q7 in VERY high regard, near perfect and by far the best IEM I've ever heard or owned. Too bad it's not a bit more affordable...

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It does sound like something that has potential. The texture on the e-Q7 was something that was unique and has not been replicated in any other earphone I've heard whether BA or dynamic. Great extension to go along with great vocals is definitely something that I would say would be a good earphone for me. The e-Q7 was close although there was a bit of a treble rolloff and the size of the housing was a bit large and I did not like the cables. It is expensive however so that is something that prevents me from buying them right now.

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That it is but it's competitively priced to most of the top competition. Still waiting.

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Grado GR10  VERSUS  Westone W3 


I have spent a couple hours with each of these side by side and will share my thoughts on the comparison.


Preface:  3G Nano unamped was used for the comparison.  Many people would also use EQ as off for a comparison but I do not.  I adjust the EQ to each IEM to try to obtain the most pleasurable sound to my ears.  My preferred setting with W3 is “treble booster” and with GR10 I am using the “rock” setting.  Please keep this in mind throughout the review as it will help you in understanding how the GR10 really sounds.  P-100 comply tips were used with W3 and the supplied gel tips were used with GR10.  Also, as many of you know, I have considered the W3 (& SE535) to be perhaps my favorite universal IEM so I knew the GR10 had big shoes to fill.  So let’s go!


TREBLE:  On the respective EQ settings the amount of detail is very close which says a lot about the treble of GR10.  Quite excellent on both, no siblance or harshness with either except on some vocals W3 started to get a little edgy sounding.    The way each achieves the treble seems a little different.  With the W3 it sounds a little more manufactured and sort of liquid smooth and forgiving of recordings.  With the GR10 it sounds more real with a bit more transparency which will reveal more flaws in a recording.  GR10 might be a bit faster sounding as well.


MIDRANGE:  I was surprised to learn that GR10 was not quite as forward sounding as first I thought.  Yes, it is forward but perhaps not quite as much as the Shures.  Very smooth on the GR10, W3 more distant.  Not bad, just distant and not as intimate.  I find the GR10 midrange perfect!  So realistic but not necessarily in your face.


BASS:  No surprise here, W3 is still a bit more.  The treble booster setting does tame down the bass and enhance the overall clarity but it can still get boomy at times.  It’s not bad and it’s not the most balanced but it is fun and engaging.  It seems to work really well with some recordings and not quite as well with others.  Conversely, GR10 can sound a little lean on some recordings but for the majority it comes through very fine.  It is certainly more correct than W3 but I guess sometimes not as fun. 


SOUNDSTAGE:  W3 is definitely bigger and has a more distance where GR10 is closer and more intimate.  At higher volumes the closer more intimate GR10 could be more fatiguing on the ears but at the same time GR10 sounds more “real” and more “live.” 


FINAL THOUGHTS:  It is amazing how far IEM technology has come where a simple 1 driver earbud produces the same or better sound than a triple driver and this is certainly the case here.  The W3 is a bigger sound and more dynamic but the GR10 is definitely more together and cohesive…so complete sounding.  I simply cannot say either one of these is better than the other.  They are both excellent but different.  If I want to ROCK OUT and get an adrenaline rush I will reach for the W3’s but if I want to analyze music or listen for extended periods or enjoy some vocal or acoustic music I would take the GR10’s every time.  The GR10’s clearly have more transparency but the airiness keeps the sound smooth and harmonic making it very pleasurable to listen to.  It is worth noting that the GR10 might be a bit more finicky with  different sources.  When paired with a single cd Sony boombox I also use, the GR10's sound way to lean and the W3's sound great.  Without comparing with additional sources I do not know whether this could be a problem with GR10 but synergy with Ipod products is great!  The W3 is like the IEM on steroids.  Its  sound is big and full.  You know it is not the most balanced but you don’t care because it is very fun and engaging.  I certainly see a place for both of these in my collection and the GR10 also has an advantage of ease of use as an earbud.  I have enjoyed many IEM’s I have heard or purchased but GR10 will certainly be one that stands out in the crowd.  I hope more people get to hear it.

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Originally Posted by Spyro View Post


I have enjoyed many IEM’s I have heard or purchased but GR10 will certainly be one that stands out in the crowd.  I hope more people get to hear it.

Thanks for the update! If they ever start selling these outside the US I know at least one more person who'll get to hear them.

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I wouldn't count on that happening. I forgot about that fact that the GR8 was limited to the US unless you had a friend in the US and I don't see the GR10 changing that.

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GR10 doesn't necessarily sound like the ER4 in the majority of aspects but certainly shares the hyper detail and transparency.


 I cannot stress enough to any ER4 fans that if price is not an issue and you truly want the next step of what an ER4 is or would be,  THIS IS IT!!.


Of any IEM that has come out in the last 10 years, and as true to "balanced" as Etymotic demands to be, I would like to think that Ety designers would applaud the GR10 and perhaps realize..."we need to move forward with another product."

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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post

I wouldn't count on that happening. I forgot about that fact that the GR8 was limited to the US unless you had a friend in the US and I don't see the GR10 changing that.


I have seen the GR8 on sale at retail stores in Japan.

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US dealers will not ship outside of the US. Outside of the US, they can be purchased from the authorized dealer of that country. I'm liking my GR8 more and more. I've also manged to get my hands on the GR10. I will be letting them burn in and then I will post my impressions.

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Would be great if someone could do a comparison of GR10 with SM3, that would give me a much better idea of what i can expect from GR10.

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I would love to have a comparison between GR10 and DBA-02!! As it looks like both share awesome detail and transparency!!  Would GR10 be considered as an upgrade over DBA-02? the price difference would suggest so? then again, it might not be that way.



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i think it goes without saying that gr10 is an upgrade over dba02


as much  praised as dba is in here , we have to take facts over admiration


but any comments on the gr10 are welcome , since this seem like a pair of killer IEM's

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