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Maximo, great customer service

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I've been enjoying the Maximo iM-590 for about two months or so. The audio quality was fantastic (I have noob ears). I babied the IEM and I'd always put it in the case. At the bottom of the cable it seems to have a problem. At first it lost some of the range now I've completely lost the right channel, unless I twist it around. I've used it normally. Needless to say I'm in the market for durable cans now. Possibly an IEM with a user replaceable cable. I do not suggest the iM-590 to anyone considering it. Spend more and get something with a removable cable.

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Have you contacted Maximo about your cable problem? I'd expect that they would work with you on your issue.


Removable cables are certainly a great idea, but making that the top priority restricts your IEM selection considerably. There are many varieties of materials and construction quality in IEM cables.

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I haven't tried, but I doubt it will make a difference considering I'm overseas. I will try though.

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That sounds like a plug problem. It's usually the first thing to go bad and happens even more with cheap earphones but not limited to cheap ones.

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It is the plug. Most likely right where the cable and plug meet, since if held in a certain way they work properly.

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They redesigned the cable couple of months back for greater durability. If you can manage a warranty replacement, you'll most likely get the new version.


If you have access to a soldering iron a DIY solution might be an option. 

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I have the redesigned cable. I think I may have been tightening the cord in the case with excess force. That could be the reason, but then I don't get why they'd design the case like that. I 'm already thinking about HJE900s. I already contacted them. I'm waiting for a reply now.

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Hi faisal, this very much sounds like a broken connection at the plug. Which is not really anything to do with the cable itself. Please go to the Maximo support page and enter an RMA request. It's no problem for us to send overseas, just that unfortunately the shipping can take 3-4 weeks longer than within the US.


As far as using the case, just to make sure that you're first putting the 2 earphones into the middle area, then winding the cord around the outside of it? This should not cause any damage. The only thing to be careful of really, is don't get any cord caught in the zipper.

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Since I was overseas I didn't have to send it back. They made me cut the earbuds off and send a picture. It felt awkward to do so. They said they'll ship out my replacement tomorrow. bigsmile_face.gif I won't have to use the buds included with my S9 anymore! 

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