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Compared to the the M50s the MS1i will probably have (I haven't head the MS1is personally, but the Grado line all has roughly the same sound sig) less bass, more treble, and most people fin it better suited to rock, metal, and pretty much anything with guitars but not as well suited to other most other genres as the M50s.


Overall they're a fine choice if the M50s are too expensive in your neck of the woods.

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Sorry, I disagree here. I think for me I felt the bass drowned out the mids a little. For vocals, I felt the M50's are not good, but just OK.


For a better balanced sound the SRH-440 should be better overall if you get a good fit. The SRH-840 is also a favorite, but the chance is low that they will have a good fit for you.

If you can try them out in a store I'd suggest that. The SRH-840 is also hard to find for under $150. There is one in the FS forum for $140 I believe (not mine). The M50 is far more comfortable though, but was not a good match for my music.


My favorite headphone that seems to have good bass, mids and highs is the AKG k240 Studio. They're open though, but are more comfortable then the M50. The mids are also more forward and they have a better soundstage. The bass is perfect on them to me. They're basically good for every type of music to me.


They're fine from my Ipod touch without an amp, but won't work with a small mp3 player very well.


k240 is also going to be far better than the M50 or SRH-440 for games and movies. It's also the most comfortable headphone there is.


BTW the Creative Aurvana Live or Denon D1001 might be worth checking into. I liked them and they both share the same drivers. I think I saw a CAL in the FS forums. They're getting hard to find.


I also am guessing you want a closed headphone? You can take off the k240 if so. It's semi-open and leaks sound.


k240 Studio is a really good deal though. Got mine for $70 and most places sell them for $99!

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I've never heard the 440s, but it does seem they have a lot less bass than the M50s.  The M50s are hardly bass head 'phones though, and the rest of the spectrum doesn't suffer for it.

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Thanks for the insight tdockweiler.


I actually ended up picking up the Onn headphones from Walmart. They're nice for $40. I'm not crazy impressed though. They are super compfy indeed. I'm not so sure about the signatures. These are the first open cans I've ever used and they leak way too much sound for me preference. Not only that but they let in too much exterior noise. I'm using them right now as I type this, and I can hear my keyboard strokes. I really don't think open is for me.


I also got to try the V-Moda Crossfades today at the Apple store, they sounded solid. In a noisy as hell Apple store, they blocked out everything and the bass was very good. I think I'm going to stick with closed headphones.


I will probably return these in the next few days and save up a little and just get the M50s.


Does this look legit on eBay:



It's just the headphones, no box or anything. $72 + free shipping. I looked at the comments from people who bought it and it looks for real. Are there fake M50s out there?

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You should also try out the Koss UR-55 at Best Buy. Those are a fun headphone and work straight out of an Ipod. I gave mine to my mom when I upgraded to the DJ100, but I want to get another pair. At most Best Buy's you can try them out. They're only $50, but are not a good match for people with big heads. They're especially good for rock music. The sound signature sounds almost like the Porta Pro but is more comfortable. I myself prefer them over the Porta Pro. I haven't compared them to the KSC75 though.


I remember buying them and couldn't stop listening to them for 3 days. Pearl Jam sounds so good on them. I should have kept them.


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If your not happy with the signature of the Onn open air (actually I think it's QNN based on the letter Q on the inside of the closed version headphones) you might want to return them and try the closed model for $30. I picked one up tonight to see if it was any good. The cable system surprised me because it is replaceable and is also a much better cable than the open air model. So far I can't say as I really like the sound signature but the headphone is also not as burnt in as my open pair. I believe it has less bass than the open headphone and a more recessed midrange but brighter upper treble. The upper midrange/lower treble seems a bit off though. In any case it does not have the leakage issues of an open headphone and the signature might be what your looking for. I also think it is very comfortable and better built. The beauty is that you can take advantage of WalMart's return policy. One thing I find impressive with both the open and closed headphone is they don't seem to have distortion issues at higher volumes (at least as loud as I am willing to listen anyway)


I am letting these burn in right now and will throw up a review of them in a couple of days.

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