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Newbie choosing headphones. Help appreciated! :)

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been lurking around the forums for weeks..


I'm still confused about my options for a nice pair of cans. frown.gif


I don't have much experience with audiophile headphones but I sure am an audiophile at heart. I mean I am quite keen to detail and know what sounds good. The reason why I'm taking the next step to entering the audiophile headphone zone is because my SteelSeries 5hv2 recently broke. I've had it for 4years and was mainly used for competitive gaming. Bass is actually there but only sufficient for a person to know that there is bass. I didn't like it for music but I used them anyway. I just realized now that it broke that I really wanted a decent pair of cans for music. I bought a Philips SHP2700 (not bad as a temporary one) but it does not satisfy me at all. I just can feel that the balance isn't right. So what I did was I went to a local Power Mac (apple store). They had ipods that you can play around with and most of them had headphones for you to listen to the music. I've tried mostly hd215's and I think they're good but still lacking. hd215s sounded like something always gets distorted.. sure it sounded heaps better than any headphone I had but I don't think I will be satisfied with them for a while...


I listen to The Beatles and bands like Foals. Also progressive rock like Dream Theater and sometimes hip hop and rnb. But most of the time, I listen to indie bands like Foals and mostly Classical music. Do you think that hd448's would be worth it for me? Any other suggestions within that price range?(most prefferably cheaper - i'd like a bang for my buck!)

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I'm not sure what to recomend at that price point.  The usual budget options around here are the AD700, M50, or MS1, I don't think any of them will do everything you're looking for.  The AD700s would probably be best for classical but they don't have much bass.  The M50 is an all-rounder that's good for everything but classical, due to its smallish soundstage.  The MS1 is good for rock, but I don't know how it does for classical.

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The HD448 is a pretty decent headphone if you like Sennheiser I guess. Little people recommend it but I do, I like it better than the AKG 701 but that's because of the artificial mids the AKG 701 produces. Its highlight are the mids and highs (about as good as the HD598) but it lacks bass.

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Yes I have heard about the ad700s but it's a bit hard to come by around here. Anyone know how a hd215 compares with an hd448? Which one is more airy and brighter?

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