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To answer a couple of posted questions on the new 0.5 version of the Perreaux:

1. Heat issue: I've had mine running non-stop twice now for 4 days at a time. The top does not even become the slightest bit warm.

2. The nob sticks out a tad farther on the 0.5, allowing a bit more area to grip.

3. Sounds superb!
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when i opened up my .5 'while back i immediately noticed the change in the cover plate...it used to be gloss black--now it matches the face plate...thought i'd mention it to possibly save a couple people the time of removin' the cover (although it's just 4 screws)...i like both looks...

i've yet to compare it to my .3 pics (doesn't stop you from trying it though *hint* *hint*)...i haven't yet experienced any problems w/it save for the volume knob...i fiddled w/it as soon as i got the sxh1 unpacked & to my dismay the scrape was still there...However! i took note of where it was scrapin' & i applied a little pressure in the opposite direction of the contact & voila! the scrape is gone...it was that simple (believe me if it took too much pressure i would've never attempted such a thing & just returned it)...

btw, it's great that you guys post so often...
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just three so/so pics of the .5 for those wishin' to compare it to the .3 revision...

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