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Perreaux SHX-1 lovers

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For all the Perreaux SHX-1 lovers, and for those that are still hesitant (cause the hum issue), and would like to try it, here is the last notification I received today from Perreaux, hope this will be true:

Hello ....... :

Sorry for the delayed response, Christmas is just around the corner and we have been run off our feet...

The first batch of the latest revision was shipped to AA a couple of weeks ago, they should have them in stock now, if not very soon.

Differences to the previous version include:
- no hum on the output, resulting in an improved signal to noise ratio of 115dB
- unit is running cooler, so component life is extended
- bigger hole in front panel for knob
- no noise from the capacitors when turning unit on & off

once again, sorry for the delay...

have a safe and happy Christmas/New Year

And he was answering my question:

Hi .........:

I was trying to find out if there will be any new release of the SXH-1 in the near future, as you may know, the first edition have some QC issues in USA, and even when I love its sound, the hum after the mod, made me return it.
OTOH the mod that AA is implementing as per your suggestion does not solve the problem at all, is there any new corrected version, or new edition, or any other similar model, in the near future????



so let's see, but this time.......you first, OK? Just in case.....LOL...
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mine says Rev 0.3 & i just got it back from audio advisor...i'm still in the process of trying to find out what specifically the did to it...but now it looks like i'll have to send it in 'gain to get this new revision with the bigger hole etc....i took a whole bunch of pictures that i've been meaning to post & i apologize for the delay...

thanks for the info...can use it when i call them up later...
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The one I had was also rev 0.3, the one posted in the magazine and on the AA website, is the rev 0.2, and according to them, it was a prototype, so if you have the 0.3 this is the old one, same as mine, let me find out, with the same guy......
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No, I received another email from them, the new Rev. is 0.5...AA will have it someday of this coming week.....according ot them, there are only two revs on the production line, the 0.3 (the old one we have) and this new corrected Rev. 0.5.....Just tell them you want the new Rev 0.5
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Wow, great news, Al. Thanks for posting that. Kind of wish I had the latest version! But no hum (yes, I have owned the CD3k's and there was no hum) or a scratchy knob over here. Can't complain I guess, still love the amp!
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here's one pic of the sxh1 rev 0.3...

ok one more if you want to see it monster sized click here ...
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THis was the exact I got, this is the old one, let's see how the new looks like, or maybe is the same layout with different parts...
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same layout different parts is my guess but i'll give it a shot (& take pics when/if i get it)...
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Clinton from Perreaux told me, that you can ask for the specific rev 0.5, as you already had troubles with the prior one...
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Oy, I've been trying to get in touch with AA for a week now, and I received one return email last Friday and haven't heard anything since. They were going to give me a return authorization code but I haven't heard a thing.

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i was gonna call them tomorrow 'bout rev 0.5...but tell ya what so far i've been talkin' w/'em through that online customer support chat thingy...that's how i got my rma # & checked its status...
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Might have to do that...thanks for the heads up.
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Originally posted by strohmie
Oy, I've been trying to get in touch with AA for a week now, and I received one return email last Friday and haven't heard anything since. They were going to give me a return authorization code but I haven't heard a thing.

Buddy give them a call, or use the chat option, and chat with them in person, this is the only way, they are ver gentle but is true that sometimes they ignore the messages....
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SXH1 availability

I had occasion to speak with the president of Audio Advisor today. About the Perrreax, he said the units are on backorder right now, citing issues of getting them shipped from New Zealand.

He was aware of the fixes in version 0.5, but said that previously, they were only able to hear the hum when listening in their soundproofed room.

I informed him that it took effiecient, low impedance phones (Grado), and often the hum increased with breakin.

I should be receiving an email when they are in stock again. I'll make a point of posting here when they are. But, good idea to place an order now anyway, just to get in the queue.

SXH1 at Audio Advisor
Head-Fi - Perreaux Silhouette SXH1 Review from AudioEnz
Perreaux SXH1 review
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Well according ot Clinton (Perreaux) they should be in stock around this week or so (if not already), as they already ship the first batch of the Rev 0.5:

".......if you are referring to the revision number printed on the PCB, there have only been two production versions... the very first was Rev 0.3 and the latest is Rev 0.5.

if your friend has Rev 0.3, it is still the previous version. so it will have the old front panel but the circuit will be modified.

if want to get one of the new versions, let AA know that you would like one and you don't mind waiting til they arrive (they should be in stock already). I am sure they will honour your request, especially after all you have been through previously.

warm regards

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