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Looking for some further advice on over ear cans to be used with my computer

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 Alright so ive been searching the web for some new headphones to use with my desktop computer. I pretty much use headphones 100% of the time for any sort of audio. The music that i listen to is primarily Drum and bass, electronica, dubstep, etc primarily but i do listen to other things to just not as frequently. I don't really want to use an amp nor do i know even if i can since ive never used one before. I have a budget of around 250$ and so the headphones ive been looking at thus far are these










I was going to go with the first link since ive read so many good reviews on them until i read




that article where it said the M50's are not great for rock and electronica which i listen to mostly so i was seeking some advice on how to proceed

Thank you


P.S. if i plug my headphones into the control base on these speakers,




Will i get a worse sound quality then if i plug it directly into my computer?


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I think the M50s go quite well with rock and electronica myself.  The only thing that don't do to well with is large orchestras due to the smallish soundstage.  The D2000s are also a good choice for those genres, though the treble is a bit sibilant sometimes.


Your Logitecs may have a decent headphone amp, or it may be worse than the line out from your soundcard.  You'll probably have to find out for yourself.  If they both suck you can just pick up a cmoy for a few bucks on ebay.  The D2000s will need a stronger amp than the M50s.

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Well i went to my local guitar center today to get some drumsticks and they just happen to have a box of new M50's so being the impulse buyer that i am i bought them with pro coverage knowing that i had a 60 day return policy just in case, so far so good, much better then my SK pros that i was using

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Hahaha... congrats on your brilliant impulse buy!!   These have quite a following here, and for good reason!





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