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For Sale:

Will Ship To: CONUS

My vintage Stax collection needs a new home. I don't use them anymore and it seems a shame they should just sit in the closet. Everything dates from in the 1970's, rated 6/10, BUT, everything has been checked out and all parts are functioning, guaranteed! Here's what I have: SR-3 and SR-5 headphones(1 pr. ea.), SRD-5 energizer (powers off speaker connections of your amp and can drive two electrostatic headphones), SRD-X battery powered energizer which plugs into a standard headphone jack and uses 4 "C" cells. I have never owned the AC adaptor but aftermarket types are available.  So, really, TWO complete systems. Also, I have a Stax 15' extension cord plus an SRE-B3 for multiple Stax headphone use. The only real cosmetic issue is a small crack in the ceramic(?) shell on the SR-3. It's shallow and does not affect anything. The earpads show very little wear. These headphones are still competitive with similarly priced headphones of any brand. I'd prefer someone buy the entire lot.  $400 money order with FREE ground shipping from 78945.  Four bills takes everything!  Perfect feedback under Travis on Audiogon.  

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