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OPA627 - where to buy?

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I'd like to upgrade the op amp module in my EF-5 to an OPA627 (vs the stock OPA275).


Does anyone know where I can buy one? (I live in the UK)


I'm pretty new to op amp rolling and searching on google wasn't much help!

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I bought mine here: http://cimarrontechnology.com/pre-mountedcomponents.aspx

They got it to the UK within about two weeks, and although expensive, you can be sure they are genuine. You can buy chips labelled OPA627 on eBay much cheaper, but be aware that the wholesale price for these opamps is about $15-20 each so anyone selling two of them (which you will need) for less than $40-$50 or so may be selling fakes.
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For opamps, I would ONLY go through authorized distributors, NEVER from eBay or such sites, there are TOO MANY fakes.

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I get most all of my opamps from DigiKey.  I also sometimes order direct from National Semiconductor for those that are not stocked by DigiKey. 

Excellent service from DigiKey, with orders shipped the same day and no minimum order.

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Yes. Digikey (http://www.digikey.com/) is one of popular sites, hence the safest and fastest way for buying electronic parts.

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Hi all,


Just went to digikey.com and noticed there are three version of OPA627 on their site:





Any advice on which item to buy? Plan to use it for my E12 DIY.




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