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P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . . - Page 36

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Have used AD743 but not 744....

743 is a stunning OpAmp but is current hungry so not best suited to portable stuff if run time is an issue.
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Super excited i just picked up another p4 warbler, i had one a few years ago, loved it sold it regretted it and been looking ever since. these seem to be decently hard to get your hands on.


anyhow, i picked up the LME49990 which i loved, and picked up one of ron's p4  top kits. cannot wait to give this a go with the cypher labs algorhythm solo.



so now the current setup will be


Westone 4R

IPOD Touch 4g

Ibasso P4 Warbler Amp

Cypher labs algorhythm solo DaC

Toxic Silver Poison Westone Cable

Toxic Silver Poison USB to LOD

Toxic Silver Poison Mini to mini


i think the sound has just gotten real lol

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I get a lot of noise when I use the power supply that came with my P4, and my battery no longer lasts very long. Has anyone tried alternate power supplies?
Also, is the battery replaceable?
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Does anyone have experience of using the MUSES01 and 02 op-amps in the P4? Are they a direct drop-in replacement? Which sounds better?
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I am late to the party but I just bought a brand new P4! I am so happy and surprised I found a retailer had stock. I have rolled every possible combination (probably) with the stock opamps and challenge any one to come up with a better sound than using;

L/R: TLE2141, B: BUF634P WB (hi-c), G: AD797, V: OPA604

The stock tle2141 is simply the best fit for l/r due to its neutral, fast and clear sound, it makes a great base to start building other op amp sounds on top. Buf634 hi-c have better extention and transparency over the 634u, the transistor buf does not have air, wide stage or extension.

IMO l/r and buffers are best left to neutral and balanced op amps, and G, V is where we can focus on adding our desired flavour.

Lastly for G and V where I did the most experimentation, I first found that using both G and V usually result in a muddled sound, I began to think the only good combo could be using only G or only V, but after many sleepless hours of rolling, I found the golden above combo.

The opamp in G has more effect than the one in V, the ad797 brings great warmth, very great timbre in mid bass and vocals and mids, but its missing a bit of speed, treble air, sub bass and open stage. Using opa604 in V completely fixes all these faults like a miracle match made in heaven, the opa604 adds that bit of sub bass, speeds up the sound just a fraction and widens the sound stage creating airiness, the ad797 in G alone can only suit few genres, but adding op604 in V makes magic happen and able to suit any genre.

The resulting sound is versatile and simply euphoric, while still balanced it sounds amazingly lush and deep 3 dimentional.
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Cheers for all your hard work. Always good hear a new combo. I have those chips so will give it a go tonight.
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So I got a new interconnect cable (was using stock ibasso cable before) and suddenly my op amp combo sounded rubbish! So I had to come up with a new combo to suit the new more revealing interconnect. New fav combo is:

L/R: 2x OPA604, Buf: 2x AD797, G: TLE2141, V: TLE2141

There is loads of sub bass with this combo while keeping mids and treble forward, opa604 makes sure mids and treble are forward and ad797 makes sure they are yet silky smooth and also adds its famous warmth in the mids and mid bass, the tle2142 help cut through the warmth by boosting sub bass and adding clarity to treble, Im finding tle2141 does an excellent job refining the sound in G and V, bringing micro detail forward even while keeping with the smoothness theme. I really like this combo, but if you are allergic to bass you won't like it biggrin.gif

Also I like low gain for this combo. Please try it and tell me what you think! its a very fun forward energetic sound while staying completely smooth and lacking grain or sharpness, detail and timbre level is also very good imo.

Its amazing that because we all have different cables and sources even with the same op amp combo we will hear differently.

But please tell me what you think of this combo with your gear.
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