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Thanks so much! Can't wait to get them. How do you compare the stiffness of the over-the-ear loop of V6S against the stock 10 Pros? Those things are just pissing me off.




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I'm not much of an experienced audiophile so I'm not sure if the terms I use are correct so take my comparison with a grain of salt if you will.   I currently listen to edm, jpop, jrock, kpop, classical, and anime/game osts.  My files are either FLAC or 320 kbps and played through my Xperia Arc or PC (foobar2000).


With only a small amount of time with the V6-s (~4-6 hours) and alternating between my tf10 I can for sure say that the V6-s is well above the tf10.  


The amount of detail that the v6-s gives is incredible, I can hear instruments that I wasn't able to hear before (Alexander Popov - Attractive Force, Tatsuya Kato - yukite ataru kabe no mae), the breathing of the vocalist before and after they sing, the creaks from a piano when one lets off the pedal (Vivaldi - Presto (Summer gales)) and faint echoes as if I'm in a large concert hall (Maaya Sakamoto - Ame ga Furu).  The mids not being recessed, unlike the tf10, really helped to bring out the smaller details and clarity of the songs I listen to, especially ones in the classical genre.


In terms of bass, I find the v6-s has the perfect amount and can give that awesome punch feeling on certain songs with emphasized bass (Apollo by Hardwell).  In Time to Attack by Iwasaki Taru, I can really feel that low bass rumble without it overlapping everything else but when I listen to it with the tf10, the bass overlaps everything but the highs.


The tf10 definitely has a larger quantity of bass that can also be bloated (muddy? I'm not sure about the terms but it feels like the bass overlaps everything) and lacks the punch that the v6-s gave when listening to Alexander Popov - Attractive Force and Iwasaku Taru - Time to Attack.


Can't really comment on the highs as both sound the same to me but the v6-s might have an edge in producing a higher detailed highs.  This could just be a placebo effect as it's new gear but other than that, I feel the v6-s is better overall.


I would suggest waiting to receive your v6-s first then doing a comparison.  If you really like the v6-s like I do, I would sell the tf10 as I'm completely blown away on how amazing the v6-s is compared to the tf10.  Probably wait out till you have both so you can also A/B them then decide.  For me, I'll probably keep my tf10 as a backup ciem or sell it and get a different ciem from 1964ears.


Sorry if this is all over the place and not very concise, I quickly typed this up right before I had to go out.

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The memory wire of the cable that comes with 1964 Ears is around half the length of most stock cables from other companies such as Westone, JHA, etc. It is also much better to work with than the one the TF10 comes with. 

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The memory wire of the cable that comes with 1964 Ears is around half the length of most stock cables from other companies such as Westone, JHA, etc. It is also much better to work with than the one the TF10 comes with. 



Only time I notice it is whenever I put the V6-s in, but other than that I don't even feel it's there.  Stiffness wise, it's much stiffer than the tf10's memory wire but you don't feel it at all imo.

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As long as everything stays in its place, I'll be a happy camper :)

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So they got my ciems for a refit yesterday and I just got the tracking today. That is much faster than expected and I planned on at least a week or so. :)

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I got my 1964 V6 Stage back today. I forgot about them coming today so I didn't bring anything to work to test it out. I'll do that when I get home so hopefully one refit is all I need.

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Hopefully I won't need one, but if I do, I'll wait until the new year before sending it back…Ahhh now I'm getting impatient, it's more than a week away! :)



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The fit now is much better. They certainly do an excellent job with refits as they had my ciem for a day before sending it back out. I'll probably get my uerm remolded one day as the fit isn't great and they have my impressions so I don't have to get another set of impressions.
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But, if you send in the impressions for the first time, and the fit isn't right, don't you have to get your impressions remade and send them in? Because if not, then what's the difference?

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I had another set done and they probably scan them to keep it on file. I'll ask before however.
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Of course, that makes sense. God, I wish mine would already come! So much feels and waits. :D

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It will be worth the wait :) The V6 Stage has been my best value ciem so far and even more so than the JH5 which is saying something as previously that was the ciem I thought was a huge bargain. 

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But comparing to JH13? I see you own both :)

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They are being refit now but I'm talking about value not performance. Even based off the limited time with the JH13 it is at a higher level than the V6 Stage.

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Interesting, since they say they are par, except JH13 has more bass. What makes you say that?

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