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I paid for mine last week, when I made initial enquiries before had my impressions done about a month ago, they quoted me a 3.5-4 week build time after payment is received. I've had another mockup done since I made payment, so have been in contact with them by email a couple of times over the past week.

If I hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't have expected to hear anything from them until they were complete & ready to ship (I don't believe in hassling them every week to ask 'Are they done yet !!!???'), tho if I haven't heard from them again by the end of the 4th week I'll be sending them a gentle enquiry to find out how things are progressing.

Edit - I should add their communication/service/attentiveness has been first class thus far ;-)
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Cool...thanks for the reply. I'm super anxious to receive them. L3000.gif

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I know. The anticipation is killing me too ! ;-D
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from price perspective v3's are really hard to beat. i also can't believe these are usa made products for their price.


but i live in the netherlands and i paid the invoice before they received my ear impression and i took 27 days for them to make my v3's and ship them back to me.

shipping took 2 weeks so in total more then a month.

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Yep you're right Screenkiller, for the price/etc they're good value as long as the sound signature is what you want. Yeah I'm expecting 4 weeks to build & another week and half in transit to me (give or take a week or so). I'm in no real rush, I'd rather them take their time & do them properly (which I know they will) rather than rush them to me.
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Even the V6s are hard to beat in their price range. Great bang for the buck

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Stop it Anoxy ! Now you're making me wish I'd sprung the extra $225 for the V6's :-P
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Well, you should have! Jk jk smily_headphones1.gif

But really, I listened to Random Access Memories with my V6 for the first time and it sounds phenomenal. It's like they were made for this album.
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I'm taking my ear impressions over to 1964's lab next Thursday. I'm thinking of getting light purple with clear canals and the cursive logo on the V-6. The anticipation is killing me, I already confirmed I'll be able to do a rush order. Less than two weeks until I have my V-6's! (Which will be my first IEM's in general, I don't mess around.) biggrin.gif
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Anoxy - Since the Australian dollar went to crap last week, might be a while before I buy anything expensive priced in US dollars for a while (fortunately I paid for the V3's when it was $1.035, it's now less than $0.98) biggrin.gif So that particular album/genre brings out the best in the V6's ?

Sounds good Alarickc wink.gif Will be interested in your impressions & thoughts when you get them/have spent some time with them (I know I'm getting the V3's, but I'm always interested to read about how anyone hears any IEM). I considered a rush order but figured I'd keep that bit of money to pay for return postage in case I need a refit. Can be an expensive business when you're 10,000 miles away biggrin.gif (And if I don't end up needing one I'll put it toward a hearing aid dryer).
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i personally love the v3's they are warm (which i really like) and the bass is present but not too strong which is fatiguing.

but the bass can also be real deep in some songs even though the mid bass isn't really there which is weird but makes me really like the v3's. in my view i couldn't get anything better for that price.

q's are too bass heavy.

and i can't afford the v6 triportsad.gif

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Looking for some advice from some 1964 fans.  I have made the decision to finally get into the CIEM realm and from all the rave reviews about 1964 Ears, I think they are the way to go.  I am really struggling with the decision between the V6 and V3.  I have saved up more than enough to get the V6s but while I like getting the best when I can, I'm wondering just how much better the V6 is than the V3.  After going blind reading through page after page of these threads I don't really feel that I have a good picture of what to expect between the two.


Part of the problem is that I have shunned IEMs for a long time.  I have never been able to get a good fit even with trying an obscene amount of different types of tips.  My ear canal is a little funny on my right side and nothing ever seems to stay put or not hurt if it does stay in place (I gave the Air Force audiologist fits trying to find good earplugs for the flightline).  That isn't to say that I don't like the sound of IEMs, for the short time that I have actually gotten to appreciate them, I have liked several different models.  For the last several years though I have stuck with over-ear models and been happy.


So now I would like a bit more portability since I will be traveling a lot over the next couple of years and wouldn't mind the noise attenuation as well.  While I think the V6 would be a fabulous headphone, since I will just be using it on my portable rig (iPod Classic & Fiio E7K w/L9) I'm just wondering if it is overkill.  I keep thinking it would be nice just to get the V3 and use some of the saved money to personalize them (wood faceplates, recessed plugs, etc.) and really make them mine.  There is also the hesitation of being new to CIEMs and worried that even with custom molds I may be disappointed by fit and/or pain.


I know I threw a rather broad net out there looking for input but I would greatly appreciate any help you all could give.

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'Fit issues' will depend on your impressions. If they're done accurately/to instructions, then your fit should be fine & you shouldn't need a refit. If your ears are a 'bit funny' (like mine on the left, which is straighter than the right), make sure the audiologist you go to does them exactly to instructions. You can also take a look at this thread which is a good resource for people intending to get impressions done.

I can't speak specifically about the V3's, as I'm waiting anxiously (Even more so since my Brainwavz B2's died on the weekend) for mine having paid for them 3 weeks ago triportsad.gif
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Originally Posted by patrickrussell View Post


My question is: how long did you wait from the point of payment until you received them? Did they give you updates during the build process?


No updates during the build process, and you should not hesitate to call, e-mail, or otherwise bug them about it. Six weeks after payment, I called to ask about my order since it was already significantly behind the quoted build time, and they just sort of lost my impressions without ever having started building and decided not to contact me. So basically two months after I started the whole process I'm right back at square one. After getting a second set of impressions done, probably looking at ~13 weeks total.

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Damn that stinks. Mine arrived well before the quoted build time. No updates or notifications of shipment though.

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