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AIAIAI TMA-1 or Beats Pro?

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Ok fellas.. I know monster, and beats get hate on here (and everywhere) but I've had the Pro'd preordered since May, and still havent got them. I need headphones. Should I get my money back and order the TMA-1s? How do you think they'd compare? I listen to mainly hip hop, electronic, and acoustic rock. Also, do the aiaiai's need an amp, or are they good to go? 

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I think the AIAIAI's would be better, they are getting lots of hype lately. As far as a amp they should be good without, but they would benefit with one just like any headphone.

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Thanks. I think I might try them out and then possibly buy a little amp in the future if I feel the need. I just wish I could test them out before I buy em

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You should also take a look at this thread and read Kernmacs recent review fo the headphones:



The TMA-1s are cheaper and according to many of the early reviews are a very good set of headphones.

You should maybe also look into the Sennhieser HD25-1 ii, they seem to be another close competitor in your price range, yet it is much more widely available so you may actually be able to audition them at a store before purchasing them.

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personally i was not impressed by the aiaiai and would say the beats all day long

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I'll say this much. The TMA's are currently my favorite headphone by far. They are almost perfect for my taste right now, if only they were fullsize.

I can't even compare them to the beats. (I've only heard the studios though. Not the pro. But the studios were, in my opinion, not good at all. They aren't horrible but they aren't good. They're not worth their price by far.)

Take a look at the beats threads here and you can read about them, they're not that popular at all.

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AIAIAI TMA-1's rule!

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Definitely get your money back. Are you looking for portable headphones? If not, take a look at Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80, Ultrasone HFI 580, and Denon D2000. All of which can be found cheaper than the Pros and would definitely sound better. However, they are not so portable imo. 

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