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iPod Video 5.5G vs. S:flo2 ??!

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My portable rig at the moment consists of an sflo2 set up - but I also want to carry around my entire music collection of ~44GB (at times) and be able to access it easily. 


I have the sixth-generation iPod Classic 80GB but the SQ just quite never gets there. My D2+ sounds a little better, but the sflo2 is resolute and kills both swiftly.


If I follow through, I will definitely Rockbox the device.


How does a RB'd Wolfson iPod sound in comparison to an amplified sflo2?


If I were to perform iMod on the iPod, would the difference only be heard through the LO and not the HO? 


Cheers guys.

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I like my Ipod Video 5.5 (stock) with the Fiio E1. In fact, I favor this combo over the s:flo 2. Keep in mind that my T51 only has firmware version 2.20 and is a lot of background hiss and noise. But I can see that amplified, the Ipod video 5.5 could easy top off my sansa fuze and most of my players (except for the Rio Karma). I have never heard an Imod.

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You can get a 32gb microsd card for $86 now to put in your S:Flo2. The card is about the size of a fingernail. That would work if you don't want to try out a new player. Rockbox gives my Iriver H120 an edge over my S:Flo2 on my cheap earbuds mainly because of the nice EQ but there is the additional bonus af Rockbox's nice UI. I have heard good things about the WhipMod, but I am pretty sure that is only available with the line out. It is $460 for an 80gb already built or $200 if you rustle up a 5.5g classic and send it to Craig (Whiplash Audio).

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Yeah, I have considered getting memory expansion cards for my sflo2. My only gripe is trying to navigate through 44GB of music using the rather annoying UI. As for a RB'd ipod 5.5, I already have a friend who owns one so I know how to work my way around in Rockbox. =]


I'm also using Firmware v2.2 - but the hiss is pretty much non-existent (I always use LO + amp)


Anyone got tips in improving the sflo2 experience?

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I assume you are using the folder structure. I think if you just put it all on there in sensibly sized folders and name them according to genre or artist and then memorize where it all is, it may be manageable.  I have about a thousand songs on mine in about twenty something folders with names based on genres and mood, and I know whre everything is. On Rockbox however, it is just so much easier. I would just go with what you really want. If you get a 5.5 classic you can always mod it later or have Whiplash Audio or a head-fier mod it. For 44gb of music I think Rockbox wins.

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Yea I feel your pain man, I also have the sflo2 and a 7gen classic that I'm sending back; the sound quality justbisnt good on that player.

I really don't want to try to navigate through all of those files I'm the sflo2s UI so I think I'm going to sit down one day and compare with my phone and see what happens.
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Not that I've heard or even seen a s:flo2 (or T51) but I have played a lot with 5.5g iPods. For a large capacity player I maintain they are your best option.

You can rockbox it and get drag and drop, FLAC support, gappless, brilliant EQ not to mention a customizable UI and DOOM biggrin.gif


So if you want a large player that sounds great, arguably not the best - but good none the less (better than the 6th and 7th gen iPods in my opinion) check them out.

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