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Originally Posted by dirkpitt45 View Post


Lol that monitor is ridiculously expensive imo...

Not really when you compare it to the HP ZR30w. wink.gif

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Originally Posted by dirkpitt45 View Post

Lol that monitor is ridiculously expensive imo...

And worth every penny. If TN monitors are Skullcandy H-IPS displays are Sennheiser/Audio-Technica/"insert favorite brand here".


Edit: OP, do you have a colorimiter for calibration? My LP2475W benefited greatly from my Spyder2.

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Originally Posted by dirkpitt45 View Post


Lol that monitor is ridiculously expensive imo...


HP LP2475w¿? you serious? Have already checked the price of NEC and Eizo 24''s? Dell's 24'' IPS panel (u2410) is more or less the same price, so I really don't know what you mean. I agree most Samsung and LG TNs are way cheaper, but you know this is no TN

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In the last 10 years I've bought 4 monitors.  A 19" Samsung Syncmaster CRT, two 22" Acer LCD's and my latest, a Samsung T260HD 26" LCD.

  The Acers I bought because they were cheap, but for higher quality display, I've been very happy with my Samsungs.  I used that old CRT for about 6 years and it was going strong when I sold it.

I've had the 26" LCD a year now and will only replace it with another, probably bigger, Samsung.

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I say save up to get one quality IPS panel instead of wasting money on cheaper TN's.

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I've been thinking about buying a Samsung P2770H for a while now, anyone have experiences with this one? I have three 24'' IPS monitor's at work, so this one would mainly be for browsing / gaming.

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Samsung's in general don't have very accurate color representations. I would personally go with the viewsonic version instead. Look up the VX2739w. It beats the Samsung out in every way.

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For any aussies looking for 120Hz smoothness, the AW2310 (23 inch) from Dell for $380 AUS is a pretty sweet deal at the moment. Surprisingly it actually seems like it's cheaper than what it goes for in the states at the moment which is very rare. Just recently snapped one up myself and am waiting for it to arrive.


Technically it's $449 but applying the code in the link below brings it down to $380:



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I've fallen in love with IPS, no way I'm ever going back to TN. I want more Cinema Displays redface.gif !

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Originally Posted by the wizard of oz View Post

I've fallen in love with IPS, no way I'm ever going back to TN. I want more Cinema Displays redface.gif !

I feel exactly the same way. smily_headphones1.gif

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Hey guys, got some info about how better is HP LP2475w than ZR24w before calibration? I've purchased the first one without any intention of investing in calibrators, and was wondering wether it would be worthy to return and get a ZR24w, they're said to bring a better color fidelity from fabric

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I love my HPZR24. Read the TFTCentral review in regards to calibration. Mine looks really good with the contrast and brightness adjusted as per the review's settings, and although I probably do need to calibrate if I want proper colour accuracy, to my eyes this looks just about right and I'm not doing any colour-critical stuff anyway. 16:10 AND IPS. Love it. 16:9 doesn't feel right for general computer use to me, but it's basically the default now since they're much cheaper to produce for consumer monitors. The ZR is basically the cheapest 'pro-sumer' 24" IPS panel but it's still miles better than a TN panel for most stuff except gaming response times. The matte screen might put some off too but it can be an equally good thing as while I love the iMac displays, the glossy screen can really be a pain in bright rooms where you end up seeing more of yourself than what's on screen.

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Great 2 know. Agree with you in the glossy screen stuff, I cannot really understand why would somebody put a mirrorish screen in a monitor. I mean, I am serious, I don't understand it. It makes viewing even more difficult, and you know, its just the ''why is it so glossy?? FUUUU''
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It makes colours slightly more vibrant, in the main. The HP here is no slouch though. There's not much point taking screen caps because ultimately you'll be looking at it through your own monitor but suffice to say, I have my backgrounds cycling through a folder full of images downloaded from InterfaceLift.com (photography) and Blatte's Backgrounds (fractals) and even though I've had this for a couple of weeks now I still smile at how good most of them look. Bare in mind I haven't had many other monitors to compare it to, but I'd like to think I have a critical eye. It's also worth noting the HP doesn't have an extended color gamut like many IPS monitors aimed at the professional market, which is actually a good thing for general use since they can often make images look over-saturated and unnatural.


If I went bigger, I'd get one of the new Hazros, very favourable reviews for the 30"s and the 27"'s use the same panel as the Apple displays but for a lot cheaper price.

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Asus has released two IPS monitors, and I'm pretty curious about them, the PA238Q & the PA246Q. Not as gorgeous as the Cinema Displays design wise, but the price tag makes them more appealing. The reviews I have read so far are pretty positive about them.

I might try one of those instead of a second hand Cinema Display.

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