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I got tired after hearing all the Shure IEMs.  Being disappointed for so many years believing I had the best sound possible.  Just didn't sound like it to me.  So I searched and discovered this place.  Honestly though, I think it's really about learning as much as possible too.  I'm an information whore and with loving music the result is obvious.  


As to why people are leaving, I think it's a few reasons.  Usually a forum is like a second home where you go after a long day to relax and chill.  It's the modern pub except booze has been displaced by adrenalin and testosterone plus a lust to unsheath your keyboard and throwdown w/ your monitor.  Compound that with the ability for everyone to sit at home and be right about everything they believe and it's hard to resist.  But now, changes have occurred.  To the format, to the demographic, so now things feel less like a Pub and more like an unknown destination.  All of sudden you wake up, look around and say where am I.  I haven't been here long enough to really experience that largely but have to a lesser degree.  So it makes sense to me.  I also think that the audio market has a new paradigm shift.  The new world is DAP driven for obvious reasons.  That means younger, less informed, less experienced demographics populating the forum at an ever increasing rate.  Thus supplanting the seasoned audiophiles w/ the mass Vinyl collections, tube amps, electrostats, Magnepans, etc.  It's just a generational gap and I imply no judgement about the trend other than to see it as a fact of life.  Head-fi was and still is a great place but the times are a changing.  I'm sure most everybody is tired of the M50 expectation, disappointment, hype, uberness threads.  The threads about burn-in curing cancer, transmitting Syphillis, all while hopping on one leg while rubbing your tummy and patting your head threads.  You get the drift.  Nobody looks for anything anymore.  And it's becoming more and more rinse and repeat.  It's all help me now or you suck.  The internet allows us to be Lords of our own private cyber fiefdoms and is a breeding ground for cynicism and sarcasm not for the feint of heart.  Couple that w/ youth and immaturity.  Voila!  A troll is born.


Anywho, I hang out because I have friends here and love learning and comparing notes.  There's also that damned never ending search for universal truth via audio gear.  The day I have nothing left to learn from someone here I'll bail too most likely.  Probably get banned long before that anyway.  

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I needed help looking for headphones under $250.


A few months and over $1300 later, here I am...

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I joined Head-Fi because nobody answered my question on HeadWize.

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You get a decent headphone after reading, searching and lurking. And then you come to the conclusion becoming a member is better than just lurking. It did not take long before I was hooked. 


I recently tortured my wallet for another special headphone, why? I just have to try it... 

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My 2nd set of Shure IEMs cables developed trouble (it this common?) and I started looking around the web for reviews before buying new IEMs. I started at CNET, but the reviews there just weren't telling me enough, then Head-fi came up.


Now I'm waiting for my first PA2V2, a pair of ER4Ps and I'm probably going to pickup a Clip+ at RS today.


I can see this is not going to end well

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Originally Posted by Region2 View Post

I hope this doesn't lean to more spam and very short posts to pad post counts =P

It's alright, the forum is invite only anyways, so if somebody just posted a bunch of useless junk to get to the 1500 posts, no respectable supremeus would send them an invite.

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Originally Posted by XxATOLxX View Post

I was looking for good headphones for about $100 and ended up buying the Sennheiser HD280's. Then I stumbled onto this place and started ridiculing the headphone geeks.


Then I signed up.

That sounds eerily familiar right down to the cans. I honestly started telling my friends did you know there were some insane people online that spend thousands of dollars on headphones and even kept multiple pairs.


That's when I told myself I'd just see what these people were talking about and go up the the $200 level. Needless to say I just preordered an LCD2 (it's under $1000 so it's still reasonable, right?).

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I had a Sony MDR-CD1700. While upgrading my rig, I found them to be too bright and sibilant.

I searched the internet, and stumbled upon Head-fi and thus my headphone journey and addiction started.

Still miss the now sold CD1700 though. Learned the hard way about badly recorded music.....

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Back then I was silly in believing Bose's lies, and I was looking for headphone advice on iLounge since i got my first iPod. I was then directed here, and thank goodness for that!

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Now that I think of it, one day I just sort of woke up with this sudden desire to search for a headphone forum. And also an aching need to purchase a copy of "Titanic". 

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Originally Posted by Tiemen View Post

I had a Sony MDR-CD1700. While upgrading my rig, I found them to be too bright and sibilant.

I searched the internet, and stumbled upon Head-fi and thus my headphone journey and addiction started.

Still miss the now sold CD1700 though. Learned the hard way about badly recorded music.....

I have that with the MDR V6, there is a new Sony coming though... I just turned out to like brightness...

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Been lurking on and off for a couple of years.  Yes it's surprising how often Head-Fi appears when googling for audio gear.


Initially I jumped on the Pico Slim bandwagon, and jumped off again when I found something else that suited my needs, and purse, a lot better.  I guess I decided to stick around in lieu of any better options.  I've made several s/h purchases that all went extremely well and that confirmed to me what great people dwell here.


I dig the music forums for the sheer variety to be found there.  I'm big on variety.  There is always something new and/or old and different popping up.  The search for great music I've never heard is a lifelong passion, and Head-Fi serves this need fairly well.


With regards to questions not being answered, a lot of the time it's noobs that have not bothered to do much searching first.  Not always the case but it does happen a lot.  So I guess it serves to discourage time wasters when replies are not given.  I know I've had a few unanswered questions but it's no biggie.  Sometimes you just have to suck it and see.  And besides, what's a few days to wait for an answer? We in the developed world are so impatient.  It bugs me when people post more than once a day screaming for answers.  Good things come to those who wait.


Anaxilus, you must hold the record for the most rapid rise to HeadSup!  Congrats man, but really brother, get a life!!! 

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I was searching for my first (medium) quality cans, I found head-fi while googling on things like 'best headphone' etc.


Then I was hooked up, reading the forums for hours and hours, couldn't (and can't) get enough of it. My choice for my Beyer DT770 was 85% head-fi-based.


Honestly, this is one of the coolest, intesesting websites/forums I've seen around the internet.


I guess my reason to sign up, just a couple of minuts ago, is that I've got my cans yesterday, had my very first evening with it and fell in love with the sound of them right away.

We'll see if I'm to stay here, I do think so, I've been crazy about music my whole life and crazy about things like recording quality of cd's, remastering quality, for most of my life. It's nice to have found a community for this hobby.


31 years old, asking myself now why the heck I didn't got a good quality headphone before....


..thinking about my next to buy headphone now. (Grado or Allessandro I think)


greetings from the Netherlands

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to occasionally drop into the Members' Lounge and make inconsequential remarks. I'm fulfilling my mission.

Heh, that's what I"m down to. I have sworn to quit this site but can't muster.it. It's rather sad at this point. 

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I needed another hobby to make the Mrs. angrier at me than she normally is. Worked.

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