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Fischer Audio Genesis/Falcon - First Impressions - World first

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It's no secret that Fischer Audio's Genesis and Falcon has been announced, we in Singapore usually get the commercial samples first due to warm relations and proximity to Russia.

For those who are in the dark this has been announced quite some time back - http://www.fischeraudio.ru/articles/pressr-fund-2010.php




So let's cut to the chase -


I got a text today from Treoo to audition the Genesis and Falcon, I quickly to meet up with them to take it home and rip it apart.

I was very curious about the Genesis due to its size and the way it was build, what attracted me to the design was the large housing.


In the back of my mind, I knew this was gonna be a basshead's wet dream.

Genesis SRP $105 SGD



Tech specs -


Drivers - 9mm Dynamic

Frequency - 5 - 20 000Hz

Impedence - 18 ohms

Sensitivity - 108db

Maximum Power Input - 65 mW


Lets start with the build -


I've known Fischer Audio since the day of their debut on the world's stage, I still have and use the Eterna V1 - Silver bullet.

I believe everyone knows by now that they are using ODM/OEM for their products, but the important thing to note is that with all my dealings with fellow FA fans is that the build quality is not a nightmare unlike many other brands.


Genesis is no different and I have found that they're choosing the right parts to make a winner.

The cables are cloth sheath, means micro-phonics are reduce to a minimum - read none.


The cables are flexible and light yet strong enough to handle a few hard tugs - in case of accidental mishaps where the cable gets caught on a hinge - happens to me alot when I walk around with my IEM

The color scheme and pattern reminds me of a rice cooker power cord which is not a deal breaker but interesting to note.


The plastic chrome housing is nicely finish and feels like quality build, not some cheapo snap together kind of production.

There is a port hole at the back of the housing as I will explain later enhances the sound - Bass.


Last but not least, and it's somewhat like a WIN for most FA fans, there is a nice plastic shell casing to keep your IEMS in.

No more raggedy-ass felt cloth string pouch which puts a tiny smile on my face.


Overall when I pick up Genesis to listen to music, I have no worries that it will fall apart or even if it falls on the floor my heart won't break unlike a Iphone4 user. wink.gif


Initial Impression -


Fresh out of the box, I stuffed in my ear using my own Biflanges - Never liked or used the stock tips anyway, played a hip hop track on my sansa clip+.

I was greeted with phat ghetto boombox bass - if you're familiar with the expression of - Bass in your face, this is what you're going to get.


If you think Eterna was too much, this makes the Eterna sound like a polite school girl.

I was intoxicated with bass, but the bass was enjoyable, not bloated not overbearing just tight fast punches which could make a person nausea.


I like big bass and I cannot lie...and Genesis gave it to me hard and fast constant pounding.

If you're hardcore basshead, this was like sex in your ear canals.


But like all FA it was an ugly duckling out of the box, the mids are recess and the highs are like a glass ceiling.

I've dumped it my burn in box to allow it to cook for at least 48 hours before I resume review.


Video Review - Unboxing

Snapshots -

Fisher Audio GenesisFischer Audio Genesis

Fischer Audio GenesisFischer Audio Genesis

Review -

The Sound -


Genesis fresh out of the 50 hours incubation period sounded like a different IEM altogether.


First thing you notice is that the sound stage really opened up and it feels like you're in a pub listening to music middle row but close enough to feel the kick drum.


The bass impact subsided to be less intimidating. The mid bass hump receded to extend deep, really deep. However unlike the Eterna V1 and V2, the bass isn't in your face but instead in became more dynamic.


The back port hole makes a big difference as to how the imaging of the music is. It is not too forward that you get fatigued from listening to it but forward enough to be engaged. 


Although the biasing of the Genesis is towards the bottom end making it dark sounding, the mids are towards the warmer side of neutral. Not too much, that it becomes bloated.


As I mentioned and some of you already know, FA is about fun and with their dynamic series clarity takes a step back. However the overall transparency of the sound wasn't compromise.


It is as revealing as it is bassy, so much so that bad recording sticks out like a sore thumb.


Separation from Low lows to Mids is very good, however it start to get iffy in the mid highs to highs where things start to become hazy and there isn't a clear distinction. There is some slight sparkle at the top highs which was surprising given how bassy it is.


The Genesis is a non assertive IEM, it allows the music to take control of it's qualities rather than coloring it with its own characteristics. You can say that it is an enhancement to the sound that you hear.


I've tried a variety of genres from Jpop/Cpop - Jrock to Hip hop and classic rock from the 80s. There were all very enjoyable and extremely fun to listen to.


It can handle blazing fast speed on hard hitting songs, where the rapid double bass didn't sound like farts and still able to hear the details of the singing and the guitars with slight sparkles of the cymbals in the background.


One thing to note is that, because of the biasness of the bass in the Genesis, some genres like classical or Jazz may sound a tad weird. Bossnova sounded a bit like house music.


Like the Eterna, the noisier, faster and more hard hitting the music is, Genesis excels and thrive.


When listening to the Genesis, you get caught up in the beat and groove to the energy of the music and the tight thumping bass that clarity and separation sometimes takes a back seat - and forgotten almost immediately.


My thoughts -


People who love their bass will love this IEM, people who are very sensitive to bass will probably throw up and swear off it - you have been warned.


This IEM is tweaked for fun and enjoyment, to have a fun time commuting and not be anal about fidelity, balance and accuracy.


I strongly feel that one of the deal breakers for some is the sheer size of the IEM housing and it might not fit into smaller build ears or may look like 2 orbs sticking out of the side of your head.


Also the fit is to wear it down and thats the only way to do it as over-the-ear doesn't really stick with the stiff stress relief and soft cable.


Another thing I notice is that it really needs quite a bit of power to drive these bass monster though it's only rated at 18 ohms.


Overall I feel that it can be duped as Eterna V3 - Super bass edition. It is one of the rare few IEM that challenges the notion of " How low can you go?"

Falcon SRP $82 SGD

Tech Specs -
Driver - 10mm Dynamic
Frequency - 5 - 20 000 Hz
Sensitivity - 104 db
Impedance - 18 ohms
Maximum Power Input - 65 mW


Build Quality -


The build quality of the Falcon is about the same with Genesis, with it's cloth sleeved cable and durable plastic.


This interesting to note is that it is almost like the Klipsch Image X5, same same but different. However It is made of matt black plastic with a silver highlight towards the tip.


The back of the Falcon has a nice plastic stress relief which is quite elastic and can withstand abit of abuse from everyday usage - I've tried tugging it slightly and place a little stress on each side.





Unfortunately, this comes with a raggedy-ass felt cloth string pouch in tradition of FA's usual no frills packaging.

But then again, for the price I believe everyone who wish to buy it will just want to get the IEM only.


Video Review - Unboxing


Snap Shots -



Initial Impressions -


The tradition of FA lies in its sound signature of how it presents music.

FA is never about accuracy or balance, it's sound is best described as fun and it is evident through out their entire line up.


Falcon has a vast sound stage that encapsulates the user into the music, it is not very intimidating and provoking compared to Genesis which hits you in your face when you first hear it.

Falcon feels like an old friend's warm embrace or a kind stranger's endearing smile; first you are hesitant but slowly you're drawn closer.


The sound stage is laid back yet there is impact with the music - you feel relax while listening a rock song but still able to groove with it without falling asleep.


It has a mid-mid bass bias with very nice warmth but not overly warm where it feels like it's bloated - some what a pet peeve of mine when it comes to audio.

There is traces of sparkles in the mid - highs which makes the cymbals shimmering in the background.


Bass impact is there, it doesn't extend as low and more polite and mild mannered compared to the Eterna and Genesis.

It is still enough to basshead neophytes a good experience with their music - which may still be too much for people who are extremely sensitive to bass


It seems it still suffer from the pre-burn in syndrome - recessed mids and rolled off highs.

Time to cook it for 50 hours.. 

Review -

The sound -

The first thing that you notice about the falcon is that it has a warm sound signature. It it bias towards the mids and makes the sound a little bit more intimate.

Those who are afraid of cold and clincal sound would take a liking to this as it mellows the music out a little.


The Bass on the Falcon is very mild mannered and tame, it is not the kind where the impact is right in your face. It is rounded off giving a very blunt yet polite thump but it can pack quite a punch when it needs to step up its game.

The Bass is fast and can hold a beat without farting. Because of the way the mids have been emphasized, the mid bass hump is more apparent which doesn't extend very deep unlike the Genesis. That doesn't stop the thump to be very big that encapsulate your listening senses.


The Mids a very hospitable and welcoming, which makes vocals sound much more sweeter however there is a slight boom with slow and repeated, down tempo bass heavy songs - like Bjork, which is annoying to me because it is one of the pet peeve but I guess this wasn't tweaked for such genres.


Due to this biasing, clarity and separation in the low Mids and Mid highs become rather hazy and if you're really into details, all you hear during complex passage is just one big blur. I personal do not like it with the kind of music I usually listen to but if you're into vocals, the singer's voice takes center stage. This is a very slight effect to the music(maybe i'm just sensitive to this), overall clarity is there to tell that a cymbal is not a snare or a tom is not a kick drum.


The mid highs to highs have a slight sparkles which was a pleasant surprise and ease the edge off to give some from of definition of where the mids end and the high start.


The sound stage is vast yet not too dynamic that it makes you feel like you're in a void; listening to music in a room without a ceiling. It is big enough to give a big spacial awareness however it does have more intimacy like sitting in the middle row of a concert hall.


The Falcon is a very mellow, chilled out sounding kind of IEM which excels in genres which are simple in nature and are more ambient in nature. It is still engaging enough to keep you focus on the music but not too focus where you are just listening out to the details and get distracted.


This is great for people who wish to listen to music while commuting and read a book or walk around with music playing around the background as ambient music but you can still sing along and groove with it when you wish to jump back into the music when your favorite song is playing and wish to sing along.


Although it is mellow, it is not slow or sluggish. It can hold down a beat and keep up with the pace without the feel of walking through mud which is great for fasting sounded pop or rock music.

My Thoughts -


The Falcon as some people mentioned looks like a Klipsch, which is not. 


The way it is designed, is the same as how klipsch looks like from far but upon closer inspection, there is a groove at the back of the IEM. 

The housing has a different color and feel plus the stress relief on the housing is placed and glue differently.


There is some micro-phonics even with the cloth cable of the Falcon however it is not obvious when the music is playing.


The fit is made for wearing down also, like the Genesis so those wants to use it over the ears may be disappointed. The IEMs are very light and comfortable, I had no problems find a seal as I could have easily adjusted with the protruding ends.

This however may be a deal breaker for some, as they don't have to look like haver wires running of their ears like some lab experiment.


Overall I believe that Falcon is a good line up to the Fischer Audio line up and it is suitable for people who love warmth and intimacy with their sound.

Interesting Observation -


After checking around and looking at other IEM specs, I've notice that it is rated with Max. Power Input of 65 mW.

Most are doing only 10mW max and I noticed that it needs quite a bit of power for either the Genesis or Falcon to be driven.


Even if it's impedence is 18ohms which is rather easy to drive, don't let the numbers full you.

My volume setting was almost full and full for Genesis and Falcon respectively on a stock Fuze. Of which the more power it has, the better these IEM sings.

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Looking forward to your impressions after the burn in!


Did you get a chance to get some initial impressions of the Falcons as well?

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They're in the box..

I just go them today in the evening, so haven't got the time to sit down with them yet.


I'll do it tomorrow and upload some pictures..

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I think all the new ones announced are like $30 ish so I wasn't expecting much

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Fantastic news! i was waiting a long time for this. All eyes on this threat

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Just a quick updates to loyal fans of FA - Today was out and about since 645am for a carnival/game with friends.. really tired so I didn't have time to try out the Falcon as promised. I will update tmr, genesis has been nicely toasting for 24 hours already.. I will give an update on the 50 hour mark.

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It's always fun hearing about a new iem.

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updated falcon initial impressions =)

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Genesis video review added

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From what is written, it sounds like the Falcons are closer to the Silver Bullets in presentation. 

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Yes, when I heard the Falcons, they reminded me of the SBs...


IMO the new series is the new and improved Eterna and SB - better or not I have yet to determine and will review it over the course of the day with various songs and analyst. 

I'm burning it now - will do the full write up of the genesis later when i have spent more time with it.

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this is getting a bit out of hand. they have way too many models now. with these new two IEMs they have a total of about 50 (!!) different in ear headphones and I didn't even count their regular cans! I mean, I'm all about giving the consumer some choice but this is just plain confusing. 

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how comfortable are the Genesis when worn over-the-ear?

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Originally Posted by Negakinu View Post

this is getting a bit out of hand. they have way too many models now. with these new two IEMs they have a total of about 50 (!!) different in ear headphones and I didn't even count their regular cans! I mean, I'm all about giving the consumer some choice but this is just plain confusing. 

When you do OEM/ODM, you have the liberty to choose from a wide variety of suppliers and just tweak the sound and package it to sell.


It gives those who get bored of their IEM more variety in their flavor.

Originally Posted by jjmai View Post

how comfortable are the Genesis when worn over-the-ear?

Not possible, with the size of the IEM and the stiff stress relief.

Almost impossible without it sliding out.


It wasn't designed to do that.

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Full review out!

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