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Originally Posted by dj nellie View Post

Anyway, this DAC is definitely intriguing, there are just so few (or zero?) reviews and impressions out there.  

Perhaps we should wait for that until the first units get delivered

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Originally Posted by BoyNamedSue View Post

SP Wild, I am finding your "third world servant" comments to be offensive. I would appreciate it if you stay on topic without the unnecessary jitter (pun intended). Thanks.

Offending post deleted!!!  I am sober this morning and applaud your concern.  I should refrain from posting after a wild night out...

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Thanks SPWild - I've had my share of drunk messages too =)...yeah, I searched everywhere and couldn't find any impressions either. I guess there was no pre-release of any kind. I took the risk in purchasing it anyway based on audio-gd's past record of quality products. I'll definitely leave some impressions when I get mine.

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Do you all recommend getting a audio-gd power cable to go along with the NFB-10? I will be getting a power conditioner as well since I need an extra surge protector anyway. Furman AC-215 sounds like a good value. Thanks.

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Boynamedsue, I compared audio-gd filter with furman ac-215 here http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/496131/audio-gd-power-supply-filter-outlet/45


If you can get it for ~$80-90 shipped, I think it's a good buy and it does contain all of the surge protection circuitry of higher end furman conditioners. But with two caveats, it has just two sockets and imparts a flattened soundstage and makes dynamics more forceful, good for a sluggish setup, maybe overbearing for dynamic setups.

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Thanks haloxt. Based on your impressions, it seems like the ac-215 is not what I am going for. I am looking for something that will add intimacy to compensate for the analytical sound of the Sabre dac. Also, the sibilance you note concerns me. My ears are quite sensitive to sibilance or any high pitched noise as they are still burning-in (i.e., age)..j/k. Based on my taste, do you recommend I go the unfiltered or unconditioned route? Additionally, do you have any recommendations for affordable but serviceable power cables? 

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I would just hold off on power conditioner until you hear your setup and know what you want to improve next. But to clarify, the ac-215 actually adds to a sense of intimacy, mids sound more powerful and present. Highs are less fatiguing than unfiltered due to quite well-defined dynamics. FYI, audio-gd power filter doesn't have surge protection stuff, it is all about not degrading SQ and doesn't even have a power switch smily_headphones1.gif, on the plus side it has 3 different kinds of filter sockets to choose from, and a lot of sockets, and the sound signature is quite less intrusive than ac-215.


As for cheap power cables, you can get counterfeit Oyaide power connector sets on ebay sort of cheap. Then get some 10-14 awg conductor size cables. Audio-gd sells power cables for $60-75 for 1-3 ft lengths. Imo they give a sense of stability or anchor to the soundstage which my thinner DIY power cables can't compare with, but it also makes it easier to discern and pinpoint flaws which thinner cables would wash over.


I think you should hold off on power cable as well and then see what you want next, unless you want to save on shipping or something.

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Yikes, the prices of the Oyaide power cables are scary. Thanks for clarifying the sound impact of the ac-215 versus unfiltered. I will most likely get them since I need a surge protector anyway, and paying $40-50 on top the price of a quality surge protector seems like a good deal. Noob question: Is the quality of the power cable going from the power conditioner to the wall outlet as important as the one from the DAC/AMP to the power conditioner?

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Will probably jump on the train and get a NFB-10 myself as well, 550€ sounds amazing for this combo.

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I said to get the counterfeit Oyaides on ebay tongue.gif they are like $15-20 per set shipped.




I think power cord from wall to power conditioner is more important. I suggest getting cords for all of it though. Then get 10-14 awg cables at home depot.

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LOL, the prices of the generic brands are not as scary, but someone like me should not be dabbling with DIY power cables for fear of burning down my apartment building. I wish I took some EE classes back when I was in college. 

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hey guys, there are now 2 versions of NFB10 coming out, the WM & ES.....



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The counterfeit Oyaide plugs I bought from an online store were, I have to say, the most horrid quality plugs I've ever encountered.  Just get hospital grade plugs if you want something more beefy.

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Originally Posted by SaiSai View Post

hey guys, there are now 2 versions of NFB10 coming out, the WM & ES.....



For the purpose of the NFB-10 (all in one USB DAC/Headphone amp) and small price difference, I would choose the Sabre32 version as it is much more resistent to less than optimal SPDIF/USB input. I have the NFB-1 and I cannot tell the difference between using the Audio-gd DI with USB bus power, or using it with external lithium battery pack.


In my opinion you can never have a too revealing DAC. You can always tune the sound to "warmer" with cable or warmer (i.e. HD650) headphones.

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Currawong, oh really? I thought maybe they were about the same as what audio-gd uses in their $75 power cables. Scratch what I said then tongue.gif, just get generic power plugs.

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