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Originally Posted by Rockin_Zombie View Post

hi guys, I purchased a HiFiman he-6 and an Audio-gd 10.33 Do you think it will have enough juice to drive the he-6? 

Everyone hears differently. Dependent on how loud you like your music genres to be. Will not be an issue with with volume level over 20 steps, high gain mode. Low level listening might sound flat. Best to be wired in balance mode.
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Originally Posted by Rockin_Zombie View Post

hi guys, I purchased a HiFiman he-6 and an Audio-gd 10.33 Do you think it will have enough juice to drive the he-6? 


Hehe it looks like you want to push it to the max levels ;) I don't think anything is good at max but the combination is definitively ok.
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I generally listen to my HE-4, balanced and on high gain.  But I'm usually at volume 9 of 80.  The sound is very enjoyable, fast, and musical.  I definitely recommend purchasing the TCXO upgrade and the DIR9001 SPDIF module for the 10.33.  The WM8805 is much warmer, but too smooth for my tastes.  The DIR9001 livened things up and tightened the bass a touch.


Remember, planar require burn in (more so than dynamic drivers) imho.  I almost sent my HE-4 back, but after a week or two and some brain burn-in, they have become my daily-user headphone.  The HE-6 and HE-4 have similar power requirements.

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Thanks, good to know! Mine should be here today. I bought both the headphones and the amp used, so burn in shouldn't be an issue. Lets see how it goes. 

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so I have the NFB-10.33, installed driver version 2.0 according to this page:




The audio gd shows up as an "SPDIF Interface' after driver installation and restart. Shouldn't it show up just as "speaker"? That's what all my other DACs do. In any case, I don't get any sound out of it. I am running Windows 10. Anyone here running the 10.33 on Windows through USB? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 

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I am using XLR output to connect my NFB 10ES to active monitor. Is it possible to add subwoofer in this mix?

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You can run a single ended RCA cable to SUB NFB10ES outputs XLR and RCA at the same time

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Is there an option for remote on the NFB10.32? It would make it much more user friendly. 

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Hi Guys, I've been researching pretty hard on this site about amp/dac combos. I just bought one of the last pairs of the Alpha Dog headphones from MrSpeakers and got them with a balanced cable. I really like the new version of this amp, NFB-10ES3, it seems to have all the connections and glowing reviews from consumers. 

Anyone using it with the Alpha Dog headphones? Wondering how they pair...

Also, I was wondering if anyone has done a comparison of the NFB-10ES3 (or prior versions) with the OPPO HA-1, which was another amp/dac I was thinking of getting. 

I want the XLR pre-amp outputs for my reference monitors...


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NFB-10ES3 is not new and not currently in production. NFB-28 is its successor.

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After researching the different Audio-GD products I realized that rather than the 10ES3 (as you've noted is discontinued) or the successor NFB-28, I actually went ahead an ordered a 10.33.

The dualwolfson chip sounds like it's more forgiving for bad quality content, which I have lots of (plus youtube). Also it's on sale 10% off.

Excited to see how it will work with my Alpha Dog headphones.

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Originally Posted by hardtarget666 View Post

Its a shame that no one has done a proper comparison of the NFB-10ES/WM against the likes of CEntrance DACmini, Burson HA-160HD or the Vioelectric V200. Would love to see how the NFB-10ES stacks up against some of the current crop of amps.

important unanswered question here, ^

vs HA-160D already has (at page 65)

but still i really wanna know comparisan to DACmini and v200 :confused_face_2:

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