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For Sale:
SALE: Ultimate Ears 18 UE18

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale are a pair of fabulous UE18's.


These babies are the doppleganger of the JH16.  Where one embraces the tenets of absolute accuracy and reproduction (JH16), the other one seems to favor a bit more warm and musical sound (UE18).  If you're the type of dude who buys SS amps, I'd go with the JH16.  If you're a tube freak like me, I'd go with the UE18's.  Keep in mind the UE18's are in every respect technically a match for any other top tier can out there.  Vs my LCD2, it honestly sounds about the same, except UE18 has a touch more lushness in the vocals and it's also portable =]


I'm unfortunately only selling these babies to make room for a massive downgrade.  LCD2/UE18 + Super II + DAC19   ->  HD650/FS Eterna + EF5 + Chameleon.  The way I calculate it, I can get the LSD and Sport chronometer on the future Porsche I plan on buying with the spare change from this =]


For remolds, you can go with Fischer in the US or Unique Melody if you're willing to ship overseas.  Unique Melody, in particular, I've read does molds BETTER than JH Audio and Ultimate Ears.  So, your "used" product ends up being better than my "new" one =]


Keep in mind it really is pretty much new if you remold.  I'm also sending a UE18 48" brand spanking new cable with it, to keep with this theme of newness =]


I'm asking $999 (comes with a brand new unused UE18 48" cable, black), compared to MSRP $1350, which is over a full quarter of the price off.  Not bad =]



Please note that unfortunately, the original UE18 box, which was pretty much the case at the very bottom:

was thrown away by someone ignorant of its importance =[  Therefore you'll be getting the UE18's, new cable, and then the round tin carrying case.  Note that the round tin carrying case mistakenly didn't have my name on it, so that's a plus for you I suppose =]