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Meelectronics m6 question

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I'm looking to buy a pair of m6's and found


My question is the m6-cl simply the clear version? Or is there something else that's different. I'd prefer clear but for half the price ill buy the black ones.
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They are exactly the same, save for the color. The clear one tends to be more expensive because it's prettier, and therefore commands a higher demand.

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That's what I thought. Thanks
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I'm about to post this in the deal thread.. but Meelec is having another sale...


use code: SPECIAL_SAVINGS for surprise savings and code: SHIPPING_COUPON for $2.95 shipping

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the m6 clear is the sweetest looking iem there ever was.  just look at it.  when i saw that thing i was like wow i need to have it.  but then i saw how poor it was to other iems, so i got the re-zeros first.  not bad looking, but the clear version of any iem is amazing and i think the m6 is the only one that offers clear.

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not gonna lie, the "coolness" factor of the clear m6 influenced me. wink_face.gif  i think it was worth it, the cable looks very custom-ish.   and it blends in with my skin color better than a black or white cable would.

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yeah i just my m6 today in the mail.  the clear is the coolest looking iem ive seen.

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Gotta say, I do love the look of the clear M6's. They almost look like customs in my ear. Pretty decent sound as well, though slightly less detailed than my marshmallows-go figure.

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The M6P are todays Daily Deal at Meelec for 15.99, just picked up 2 pair.

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Originally Posted by tadad1 View Post

The M6P are todays Daily Deal at Meelec for 15.99, just picked up 2 pair.

stupid question, does that include the clear ones?   I know the M6 CL but i don't remember what the P is.   if that did include the clear ones, that's an amazing price. biggrin.gif  tho the black ones look cool too.

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Ok just have to butt into this ogle fest for a minute.


Normal people DON'T think clear is cool, so you can love yourself wearing the M6, but don't flaunt it for others.

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lmao, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I too personally think that the clear ones look sort of cheap.

And the sound isn't bad at all, especially for the price.  It was tricky for me to get a good seal but they sound very decent once you do, I'd rate them above marshmellows.

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I love the clear ones, but the M6 sound like cr4p. The black ones look like the cheap headphones you would buy at walgreens. One thing I hate about the black one is the that it makes the ugly MEElectronics logo more visible rolleyes.gif

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The M6 can be bought for around $20 on a typical day, and clearly have occasional sales like these to further lower the price. For the $20 I paid for mine, I'm satisfied with the sound. But the real reason I like the M6 is its fit and comfort - perfect for me. And considering the dirth of budget oriented over-the-ear type IEMs, they certainly fill a niche.

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yeah the m6 are flush and they block your whole canal, so the sound is very very good.  for the price, these are the best.

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