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Musical Fidelity A3 CD --> Heads Up !

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Please note that this sale has zero to do with me and I have no knowledge of the seller or the condition of this actual machine,...

Having said that, I saw this Musical Fidelity A3 CD player for sale on rec.audio.marketplace for $450 + shipping.

I know there are a number of MF fans on the board and this CD player might be of interest to some of you ?

At $450 I'd say it's a great price. But, were it me, I would also give hard consideration to the Sony 333es CD/SACD player at $550 from J&R Music in NY or Oade Brothers .

Thought some of you might be interested ..., Martin.
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I wasn't clear,...the e-mail at the top of my first message is for the seller of the MF CD player : trgillett@aol.com

And again, please note that I do not know the seller and can't vouch for them (which doesn't at all imply anything bad)

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Dang, missed again. This hasn't been my week for purchases (maybe my wallet is happy about that, but I'm not ). It was sold to the first person who responded to the ad.
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Ach ...to bad !


That's a pity the MF CD player was gone, I didn't expect it would last long at the price it was at...., M.
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