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Have you listened to this song with other sources? Try and confirm that it isn't the song itself that is distorting.

Oh, so it isn't the song itself. Hmm.... this is a first. O_O
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Yeah, indeed, it's definitely not the song...game sounds and such are affected as well.  The closest way I could describe it is it's as if the sound has gotten horribly compressed to an extremely low bitrate.  I'm not talking about 128kbps, I'm talking about 32kbps or worse.


There also doesn't *seem* to be a gradient.  It's either bad or fine with nothing inbetween, but I could be wrong for sure.

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I think to try the E7 alone would be the next logical step. You could also hook up the E9 to an alternative source and check. One of the two certainly don't seem to be working as the should. Good luck.

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Anyone suggesting this for HD-600? I currently only have Auzentech Forte soundcard and it sounds absolutely amazing with HD-600 but Im looking to get dedicated amp with volume knob.

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Hi all,

I`m new to the scene of audio technology would the fiio E7 E9 setup drive my logitech z10 usb desktop speakers connected to my

computer and if possible describe the connection procedure

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You're going to have to use the RCA line out at the rear of the E9 and plug it to your aux input of your Z10; connect them together with a RCA to 3.5mm cable. You're going to have your Z10 plugged into a usb port as well as your E7 docked on E9; you'll be using the Z10 to control the volume.  If you don't plug your Z10 into the usb, you can't control the volume using the touch interface; you'll have to use the 3.5mm output of the E9 so you can control the volume using the E9 volume knob.

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Many thanks Kite7

Will give this a go when my E7 E9 arrives, still waiting for delivery, cant wait to hear the sound difference with this setup,

again thanks for your time and advise.

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Any one tried to open up their E9 to change the op-amps if so was it alot of hassle. Also what screw type did you use.

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Can people confirm that the hiss when turning the E9 volume up/down is normal? Mine does this, not sure if it should be exchanged for another unit (still within the 30 day return period).

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Originally Posted by BrunoS72 View Post

Can people confirm that the hiss when turning the E9 volume up/down is normal? Mine does this, not sure if it should be exchanged for another unit (still within the 30 day return period).


Mine does it and this has been reported by many others. Personally I found it to be getting worse and it is starting to bother me but as long as it only occurs when the dial is actually turned I can live with it. I cannot believe it is due to wear and tear given that it started to occur after only a few days. Anyone else with an opinion?

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I dont get the hiss when I turn the volume up and down.

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Does anyone here get noise from their speakers from the RCA out with your headphones plugged in?


Xonar STX -->3.5mm--> FiiO E9(Line in) --> Klipsch ProMedia(RCA)

                                                          --> Ultrasone PRO900 (6.5mm)


Using headphones does in fact turn the RCA/3.5mm line out off (I am only using the RCA out) but when using the RCA out and with my headphones plugged in I hear noise coming from my speakers at times. It happens on certain parts of songs (especially when the bass hits.)


Has anyone else experienced this?


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I definitely get static when adjusting the volume.  It has slowly gotten worse.  I believe it's a build-up on the contact points and suspect people in "gunkier" climates will experience it more.  My NAD pre-amp had the exact same sound and has slowly gotten worse living in Taiwan - very humid.  I opened it up and sprayed a contact cleaner which "fixes" it for a period of time.  I haven't tried opening the E9.


The dude with the other crazy static problem:  My E7/E9 occasionally just gets all garbled - just totally unlistenable and I fix it by turning everything off and back on again, as you described.


I love the power and price of the E9.  I don't like the form factor and "bugs."  But I think anything with a volume pot may do the same thing in my climate.  My new "Pelican" does the same thing.  I'll check the P-51 that's been here for a while that I just picked up from a friend.

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In typical carbon film potentiometer, the function is established by sliding a small piece of metal along a rounded carbon disk to control the resistance.

So, there will be noise generated by the mechanical action where the contacting points between the metal piece and the carbon disk sliding against each

other when operating the pot. Also there will be some carbon dust fall off from the disk after a period of usage, which may cause bad contact or fiction

between the contacting points. This will also induce noise.


Although E9 and A1 both use the Alps potentiometer from Japan, it is still very hard to avoid such an issue Unless digital volume control or stepped

attenuator was used.But digital volume control, with the current technology, will cause distortion and increase background noise. With stepped attenuator,

the durability and noise induced by moving mechanical parts are still a real concern, not to mention their high cost.


So the issue is very hard to avoid in principle.


But there are two ways to help to reduce and even avoid such an issue.


  1. Quickly turning the volume pot back and forth to use the sliding action of the contacting points to clean out the carbon dust
  2. Disassemble the aluminum volume knob on the potentiometer and spread the pot with electronic cleaning solution (from general electronic store) or pure alcohol. Allow the cleaning agent to penetrate the pot and turn the pot back and forth to clean out the carbon dust and dirt. This usually will fix the problem.
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Thanks for ClieOs help me translate the below content.

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