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i did a quick search for any mention of the k701 on this thread and i see fairly positive reviews on the e7 + e9 combo. Anyone else who owns both the e9 and matrix mstage/canamp care to make a comparison and how well each of them synergise with the k701? it seems all good reviews so far are based on going from no amp -> e9.

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James or Jack, do you guys sell the power cable alone? I'm interested in a spare. That or I'd just get one on my own, though I wanna make sure it's safe.

We don't carry the adapters separately. Let me see if we can order some as spares from FiiO.



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i want to use the E7 for my android incredible droid.. would SQ suffer from using the 3.5mm headphone jack on my phone to connect to the E7 and then my earphones as opposed to a LOD cable? sorry for noob question lol

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Yes, quality will suffer. If there is a line out cable available it is strongly recommended you use that; only use the headphone jack as a last resort as you will be amplifying an already (poorly) amplified signal. >.<

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aww.. was hoping to just carry around one.. but i guess i can take my old ipod out of storage and use that with a LOD

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Just unboxed and setup my E7&E9 and I'm so happy I got this. No more awful integrated laptop headphone jack for me :)

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Let us know how it performs with your Pro 80s.

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For those who didn't get to check out the impressions in the London Mini-Meet Thread:



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despite it's deceptive price tag the FiiO E9/E7 combination was one of the surprise hits of the night.


A lot of people seemed as surprised as me that a desktop rig this cheap and this small was quite so good. The head-fi world is one where, to an extent, price tag and quality of product are a little conflated sometimes. We see amps and dacs for hundreds of pounds and assume anything less just can't be good, can it? Yes it can. FiiO have pulled off a product here that was not just holding its own but actulaly out performing a lot of the more expensive amps in the room and frankly at the price is a no-brainer. Funny thing is if they'd slapped a multi-hundred price tag on the unit it'd probably have generated a lot more interest and praise by now.

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Well there is the subjective and the objective.


Objectively the FiiO combo had more power than the Apogee Duet, Corda Cantate.2 and the other Meier which I'm actually unsure of the model of. In terms of its ability to drive phones I can objectively say it out-peformed all those pricer models. I'm not very down on the technical side of things, ie. the difference between current and voltage swing and stuff like that, so can't give a lot of detail, all I know is that the T1 felt underpowered through those multi-hundred pound amps while it sung with the £120 FiiO combo.


Then there is the issue of features. It is very versatile with the two channel power output, dac section which doubles as a portable amp and so on. Although I do have some issues with the lack of RCA line in and pre amp output. Not really sure why they decided mini sockets were a better option there... 


Subjectively I preferred the sound of it for more up-front fast music, while I felt my Cantate.2 had perhaps a little more grace and delicacy.


I'd need to do much more comparison with more controlled conditions. I'd like to try the same external dac with all the amps, for etc, to judge the quality of the amp and dac sections, compare using the same tracks and so on before saying for certain that the FiiO was "better" than those amps. But it is better at driving demanding phones than them, has an immensely enjoyable and involving sound signature and is absolutely worth the money. Since I've budgeted badly for christmas I'm considering getting a set so I can sell my Cantate..2 to generate a christmas present fund!

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Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my E9/E7.

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I've replaced the Logitech Z2300 computers speakers I had before with a pair of M-Audio BX5A monitors. I am using a mini-to-RCA cable and then a couple of RCA-to-TRS adapters to feed the sound from the E9 into the BX5A. Relying on the E9's volume control is critical in this case since the BX5A's volume control, like many other powered monitors, is not only on the back, but independently set for the left and right.


I will miss the low bass of the Z2300's, but the BX5A is just so much better at everything else.



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And if someone wants to read another review, here is mine: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/526450/another-fiio-e9-amplifier-review

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The question I had was answered in another thread. I just want to point out that in order to use the E7/E9 as an amp and DAC, the E7 has to be on, even if it is docked. (the red charging light does not indicate that it is on, only charging)

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Originally Posted by dancingpotato View Post

  MP4Nation has the worst customer service on the internet ... bait and switch and terrible wait times ...

selling merchandise which they don't have ... deceptive ... borderline illegal if not downright illegal ...

they make absolutely NO effort to satisfy their customers ... who seem to be mostly adolescents ...

  buy from them at your own risk  ..... be warned !!!

... and I speak from first hand experience.

I've heard horrible horrible things about mp4nation. May I ask what happened to you? The more stories out here the better. We don't want our fellow Hi-Fiers to be ripped off by companies. 

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Damn, that's where I ordered from....

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Can anyone recommend a pair of good computer desktop speakers to work with the E9 for around $200?? Anyone have experience driving speakers with the E9?

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