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How's this as my first setup?

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Hello everybody,
Ever since I started college, I've gotten more into the audio stuff (without the restrictions of my parents)
I've done some reading around (but by no means extensively), and finally decided to register an account.

my current setup include an ad700 in the process of burning in, and my laptop with foobar2000, with asio4all and head-fit eq (which i received heavy criticizing from my friend for for eqing in general, but I do feel that ad700 definitely need more bass)

I've just ordered, a few days ago off ebay, a Zero dac OAP627. along with it (since my laptop doesn't have an optical out) a Behringer UCA202 and this optical cable.
I would probably listen to this for the next few months or so.

I guess my next step is to replace my UCA202 (since it seems to be the weakest link here) with something of better quality, like m-audio transit. And then, get some HDAMs for my zero.

What do you guys think?
I guess my questions would be:
1.are there other usb to spdif converters of descent quality? Or does an upgrade in converter not needed at all?
2.I know this is by no means a high quality setup. Therefore, is a better cable needed? If so, what price range of cables is right for this setup?

3.are there any other things I can do to better my general setup? (I can probably allocate $100-200 more on audio stuff over the next few months, more if I wait longer and/or starve myself)


Thank you for your help

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1. ) This one, gets a lot of conversation 'round here.

2. ) No. IMO, cables will only do good when you start spending big bucks on your equipment. Even then, the pay back will be minimal.

3. ) Just keep researching equipment. Knowledge never hurts.

3.5 ) Save your money. Let your ears get use to your current system, then look around for new/better equipment.

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