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Pretty good, but sometimes during peak hours the download goes to a crawl.

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 Posting speeds from your university is kinda pointless, but amusing nonetheless.  I get 15/2mb at home and its a pretty consistent connection with cablevision/optimum online.  I'm happy with the speeds and ping since I don't lag in WoW.

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Well it is where I'm currently living right now...I'm not trying to show off or anything I just wanted to see how it is in different places. 

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Here's what I get at home: frown.gif



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Worcester MA

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I have never checked it though my brother did some time ago. You won't believe - 27kb/s for download. Yes... This is lovely UK broadband for which I have to pay £25 a month, lol. I am going to change though it to real internet from serious provider.

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I received an email from Comcast about 8 weeks ago telling me they upgraded my speed.  I ran a test and it capped at 6Mb/s, so I figured they made a mistake.  I then thought about it for a minute and realized I had a ten year old cable modem.  I never replaced it because it was rock solid stable.  Well, 90 bucks later and a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.


Home Speed

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Work   Home


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Wow....went from Time Warner....

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....to Verizon Fios




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my internet is sooooo slow, but free!

Android + PDAnet FTW!

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download: 15.27

upload: 5.13



this is verizon fios....>___<


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Download: 30

Upload: 7


Fastest in Canada!

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Jeez I envy some of you guys haha. I get a measly 3mb down frown.gif

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