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Wanted: WTB: Grado SR-225/SR-225i (CANADA)

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WTB: Grado SR-225/SR-225i (CANADA)

I am looking for a next-to-new pair of Grado SR-225's or SR-225i's. If you have a used pair that is in great shape, for a reasonable used price, let me know by PM. Of course, Canadian and US sellers are more than fine. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Vince smily_headphones1.gif

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Not to be rude, but isn't SR225i more expensive than HF2?

If you can't afford HF2, how could you afford SR225i?

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Grado HF-2, which are the full-size cans, not the in-ear ones that you are likely thinking of. It is a limited can that runs between $400 and $500.

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I have a set of Alessandro MS-2 if anybody is interested.  Recently serviced by Grado, has new bowls, and has a new cable installed for 1/8" jacks.  Excellent condition.  Looking for $260 shipped.  E-mail me for pics or questions.

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You still want to buy sr225i? I bought one 1 year ago but barely use it. I can sell it at a discount but shipping might be expensive.


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I have a pair of grado 225i used for about 2 months. If you are willing to purchase, i can even send u the recipt which has the date of purchase on when i bought it as proof of how long it's been used. The recipt also shows that it was purchased via amazon from a authorized dealer. I also have the original box as well as the sheet of paper for the warrenty. I am not sure how much shipping it would cost (i live in Texas) but i am looking for 150 dollars for it if you are interested.

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