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Wanted: WTB: VTL IT-85

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Hi Guys,


I'm looking for this speaker amp.  Preferably the older version, due to cost.  I realize this is more of an Audiogon thing, but I have to try.  Must be able to ship to Canada.




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I use this to power a set of Devore Gibbons and it is quite musical. Really one of the best amps I demoed for under $3K

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Good luck with your search.  This is one of the best integrated amps I have ever come across -- true VTL sound signature despite being scaled down power-wise.   One of the features I loved was the fact that you could later add its non-intergrated counterpart for bi-amping.  

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That was actually the reason I bought it. I had sold a set-up of separates due to space but wanted to have that VTL sound. Bought this knowing that when space is less of an issue I can add the ST_85 and have it be even more amazing. What a great amp. Really nice headphone stage too.

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