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First IEM

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hey guys,i'm planning to get IEM and have shortlisted a budget $100 - $150?

i'm looking for a fairly balanced IEM,not the bassy ones or those which are in the highs.

1.ultimate ears 700(heard that its more to the high side)

2.westone um1

3.klispsch s4



i heard westones are good.not too sure about it.i need advice.thanks guys.

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Out of those you listed, the RE0 is likely the most balanced, and if you want that sound, great, but I would not go for the RE0.


-Durability issues

-Inferior Isolation

-Less 'Accuracy"


The above three reasons are disadvantages of the RE0 when you compare it to the Etymotic Mc5, a better isolating, more durable and natural sounding earphone. The Mc5 is a very durable, tested to be more accurate than most anything in their price range, and one of the best isolation earphones on the market.


-Memory free Mylar Cable (very durable)

-Accurate Frequency Respose (music sounds real, especially vocals.)

-High Isolation (plenty of different tips too! Not just different sizes, but different materieals, shapes, ect.)

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hey,thanks for the advice.really appreciate alot.i'm also considering the er 4. smily_headphones1.gif

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If i was you looking for your first decent iem in that price range and wanted a balanced sound i'd go for the re0. Granted it may not have the extreme isolation of the etymotic's (they should carry a warning) and many people have complained of durability but they come with a good warranty, a good, low-noise cable and I don't think you can go far wrong. I wouldn't go with the s4, it doesn't stack up against the re0 or ety's very well. This all said if you can get the er4 for under $150 that's a very good deal. Also, hf5 hasn't been mentioned and imho it needs to be.

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Or save some $$ over the HF5 and go for the MC5. Some even seem to feel they're sturdier.

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thanks guys.considering that the er 4 at $170 in amazon,i wouldn't mind forking out another 20 bucks.

planning to get the er 4 the next morning.

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I think thats a good choice, I absolutely love mine but keep in mind the shirt clip is pretty much mandatory on those

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thanks guys.considering that the er 4 at $170 in amazon,i wouldn't mind forking out another 20 bucks.

planning to get the er 4 the next morning.

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can't wait to get mine!haha

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have you considered other potential iems such as the Sennheiser IE7,  Fischer Audio DBA-02

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i just ordered mine,it will be delivering soon by 26 - 28 oct!

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good luck biggrin.gif

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ER4P is a wise choice.  You chose wisely. Your choice was filled with wisdom.

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btw,what does 'flat' means?i do not get what it means

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it means all frequencys are flat, none of them is favoured

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i just got them,they are awesome!the bass is great,but many said that they are basslight,well,i listen to alot of kitaro and i can say tht the bass is great!i used to have a pair of sony's ex36 i think,and thought it was great,but was not responsive and gives alot of highs,which u could not listen for long.i have no regrets buying this pair of er4.

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