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Please to write that my local seller just informed me that Fiio has arrived and ready for purchase. Exactly on time and ready for order. Could not be any happier and I got a great deal on it as well.


Thank for both Fiio and i-Enjoy for such fast delivery and transaction process.

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The seller from ' lambayrules ' a.k.a. ' mp3-amplifier ' on eBay informed me earlier that his stock of the E9 has arrived (whether this stock is only for pre-orders or not, I have no idea!)


I'm quite tempted, but I assumed it had a USB DAC built in, which it doesn't. However, he's working out a bundle for the E7 and E9 together and will let me know smily_headphones1.gif

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I didn't realise those 2 companies are the same. Great news if they have arrived as that is earlier than expected by a few days.
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Mine has been out for delivery for 2 days. <__<

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Just bought the E9 from lambayrules, I love FiiO Products too much 

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Nobody asked about sound but I want to mention that this little thing is very very good. I tried them for a couple of hours yesterday with my DX1000, I didnt noticed any resolution difference between my Darkvoice 336.


Of course I need longer time to understand the difference (if any) but my first impression is very good.


Also build-quality is top notch. A good looking, flawless amplifier..


I think with Fiio E7, these will be a good combo for offices (who doesnt have enough space) and low budget head-fiers..


Now it's burning in and waiting me to barrow some power-needing monster phones..

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We're posting our impressions on the E9's sound in the Full-sized amp section. wink.gif

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Oh, I didnt realize that. Going there, thanks..

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Hey, what about China??  frown.gif

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I have the E7 which I use with my IPOD classic to listen to apple lossless


Just setting up a home cinema and have bought an ARCAM rdac, how would an E9 fit into the set up ?


Any ideas ?



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Home Cinema ---> RDAC ---> 3.5mm cable --- E9's Line In, Voila!

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So, i'm kind of new to Amps in general, but if my input source is my Mac or PC, will i NEED a e7 bundle? or can i still just get an e9?

pros and cons wether i get one or not?


otherwise, are these compatible with Macs' anyways?

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You don't need an E7, but the E7's DAC is most likely gonna be a LOT better than the onboard soundcard off your Mac and PC unless you have a REALLY good soundcard. The E7 will override the the soundcard (acting as an external soundcard, and the E9 amps the signal for your headphones or powered speakers.) I'd get the combo if I were in your shoes.

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How much would  it be for the Combo the e7+e9?




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I believe the cheapest price can be found on MP4nation: for U$170.00, free shipping worldwide.

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