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For Sale: AKG K240 MKII

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling my AKG K240 MKII's. These have been used very lightly, and are in great condition and still in the original box. Included are:


  • Headphones
  • Velour earpads
  • stock straight cable
  • stock curly cable
  • custom cable


The custom cable is blue Canare L-4E5C mini star-quad cable, terminated with a Rean (Neutrik) 3.5mm gold-plated jack on one end and mini-XLR on the other.  It's about 6 feet long, plus an inch or two.  I built it myself, and I liked it better than the stock cable.


These headphones are some of the most comfortable I've worn - very light, light clamping force, but they stay in place very well.  They're semi-isolated, so they're not as annoying for people around you but still don't sound "stuffy" like a closed phone.


Looking for $88 shipped CONUS.  I have a feedback thread here under johan851, and I also have heatware (57-0-0).

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Got a couple of offers, but nothing at full price yet.  Bump!

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50 plus shipping and u can keep the custom cable?

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Originally Posted by juanharu4913 View Post

50 plus shipping and u can keep the custom cable?

I'm not charging that much extra for the custom cable - I'm more just throwing it in.  


These sell for at least $140 new, and this set is in mint condition.  Price drop anyway!

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Lol thought I might as well try, I can also do 60 if ur in a hurry for cash biggrin.gif

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Hey is 88 the price shipping included? Hows $70 sound? Hows the payment processed? Paypal?

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Paypal or (if you prefer) USPS money order.  I'm sticking to the asking price at the moment.  $88 includes USPS Priority shipping anywhere in the CONUS. 


I would prefer payment by USPS money order if you don't have Heatware or a Head-Fi feedback thread.

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These are SOLD.

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