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For Sale: Panasonic RP-HJE900 (HJE900)

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For Sale:
Panasonic RP-HJE900 (HJE900)

Will Ship To: Anywhere


SOLD to glac1er



Hi all.  These are like new. Purchased in September, minimal use, all inside the house. While stateside, I drive~ so no portable, on the go/outside, use. Trying to get as much back as I can, I've decided to either go chase the turbine pro coppers or get the CK10's.


I know JR offers a slightly higher price for new, the only consolation I can offer is that I'll throw in the UE carrying pouch + my shipping will be faster.


I tried the medium tips initially, but quickly went to my own 3rd party tips.


what's included
everything the HJE900 comes with stock

~the box/packaging

~the IEM's themselves
~stock small, medium, large tips.
        [2 tips are still in the plastic packaging, sealed_unopened.   one set of tips comes attached with the HJE900 in the box]
+ ultimate ears leather carrying pouch (shown here) 0 idea why theirs looks so firm and boxy, my case lays more flat
~ paperwork


Pictures: (thumbnails, click for larger resolution)



PA202205.JPG   PA202210.JPG   PA202212.JPG

also link to picasa album if that is preferable



Payment/shipping info:

Price: $old conUS with USPS Priority

Paypal preferred (mark as gift or add 3%)


~International is fine, but must established feedback here- in addition to paying the difference in shipping (should be about $5 * $8 usd) + applicable paypal fees.


As always, feedback is in my signature. Buy with confidence; for any and all questions feel free to PM.

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I was mistaken on the international shipping. International Flat Rate priority (small box) is ~13, and not ~10. That would be around an additional 8 in shipping.

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sold, pending payment, to glac1er

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