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New MacBook Air!!!!

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Does anyone else think this could be the most incredible "transportable" system in the universe: A MBA running Amarra-->USB DAC -->JHA+JHxx or Protector-->balanced 'phones of choice!?!?!?

Lemme know what ya think peeps! I'm excited smily_headphones1.gif
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It might be.  I'm thinking about picking one up to replace my aging white MacBook.  It's a bit tough to lug around and the iPad doesn't do everything I'd like it to.

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I've been living with the iPad for a few months as my "take with me wherever..." setup and I've come to two conclusions: I love the light weight, and sometimes I really want a keyboard and trackpad. I think I'll go check out the MBA this weekend. I think the 13" screen will feel gigantic compared to the iPad, too.
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The fast boot time is cool.
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That's another thing about the iPad which has kinda spoiled me: instant on. It would be cool to have that feature in a notebook, even if it's not quite "instant". I'm looking forward to seeing one in person.
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Looks like the headphone out does not double as optical out. Can anyone confirm?
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pretty excited with the new MBA and found myself on head-fi to see how others are taking the news! lol..


the good:

258GB. I was waiting for the flash drive to increase and now feel pretty happy with whats on offer

13 inch. good size


the bad

no mention of digital audio out. so I assume its the same as previous MBA, which is a shame..

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I'd really like the small one. But, lack of internal 3G service perplexes me. Sure you can add a Mifi or 3G dongle, but I like the internal 3G on my iPad. The new Air will be even more attractive once the apps. start rolling in via the newly announced Mac app. store. I'll keep the iPad, but the Macbook Pro may be replaced with an Air. I have an iMac desktop for heavier lifting.

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agree on the macbook pro. as much as I like it, I find it too heavy to tote around. 

frankly recently just been using the computer to surf the net, emails, photos, music etc. nothing really to warrant high CPU usage, so even though the specs are better for the pro, for your average user the MBA is a lot more attractive. as long as aperture works fine, that's probably the most demanding processing I will need...

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Yeah, I love the 3G on the iPad. Does anyone else have some issues when the iPad is connected to some networks? Sometimes it's perfect, other times I have to type in the network code, or whatever, quite often?! Just curious if it's just me.

The 13" looks attractive to me b/c of the SD card slot. I've gotten used to being able to unload pics from my camera in the field, of course I guess I could do that via USB.
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Its just going to come down to what the end user needs. Personally I love my 15" MBP, and carry it to all my classes. I see a growing number of people getting the notebooks, one because of size and two because of cost. Obviously Apple isn't marketing to the low cost computer user. I would rather have a revised version of the ipad to surf the net in front of the tv. I do like the OP comment on hooking it up to a usb dac >amp>headphones. It would be a pretty sweet little  system for the casual user. I cant believe they didn't add 3G to it, seems like a no brainer. I cant wait to check them out in the stores. I cant believe its .65" thick.

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Darklord, if you're in college, the MBP is certainly a better option, to take anything you can throw at it. When I was in college it was just a desktop for me! Haha! Speaking of netbooks, I have a friend who's on his second one in about as many months! I would kill myself.
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It looks nice.  But why no optical out?

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This mac book air really hits the right spots. even in its cheapest form which would be the most attractive to me, not because of the price, but because of the form factor.

I already have a mac book pro which is far more powerful as my main rig. This 11 inch really does it for me as for an ultra portable I don't need more than 64 gb of storage, that's what I have my main rig and NAS for. 2gb for light use, maybe upgrade the ram to 4gb. As for processor speed, faster processors take more power thus shortening battery life.

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Originally Posted by IPodPJ View Post

It looks nice.  But why no optical out?

I know, I just don't get that.  Is it a space issue?  Or a no one really cares except us crazies issue?

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