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Sorry to see you leave.  Happy Trails 

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The economy, good point. Thing is that as a student my budget can only stretch so far. If you have a regular job with a decent income the audio hobby should be more doable. 


Otherwise I am just very, very picky with the products I buy. If it costs me more that a certain amount of money I want it to be good regarding quality at the least. Leeperry once offered a Sony MDR CD900 ST(?) in the for sale section, I just didn't have enough money at the moment otherwise it would have been mine. 


I have spent more than I expected because of the audio hobby and Head-Fi. It was worth it non the less though...

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Bye Head-Fi's most prolific poster. There shall be only one smily_headphones1.gif Take care mate.

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Sorry to see you go. Definitely have seen this forum collapse though. When I posted my first thread last year about getting a "hi-fi" setup on a budget, I was able to get a 3 page thread. Nowadays, I'm glad to get 3 responses. I really hate how right click brings up the non-standard browser popup. I mean, the standard already has copy/cut/paste, so I don't know why we need this special dialog.


We need to stop this from happening! We can't keep losing members!

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It is sad to see yet another casualty of the huddler switch.  You have given (and given, and given) to this community, and your experience and contributions have helped this forum maintain a higher degree of community than without you.  I hope this is not the end of your journey here, rather a vacation of sorts. 


Thanks for all you've done.

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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post

I have been a faithful Head-Fi member the last 7 year.
It all started back in January 2004 when I came here looking for alternative earbuds/headphones for my newly acquired iPod. Got several tips and quickly realized that the members were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful - so I decided to stay around.


Years have gone and I have taken several steps, first into the world of electrostatics (SR-007BL and 8-10 more) then later into the K1000. Of course with their corresponding share of amplification and source.

I was gratefully given a stunning β22 two years ago. Carefully hand built by members of the community, using parts donated or bought with money donated by the members.

I am forever grateful!





...after close to 6 months (since May 6th) with this Huddler software I have had enough.
The vBulletin software used up to then caused me no major problems as a user. While the current Huddler software have caused and still cause me little but trouble.


I understand that Jude have taken the steps to free up more of his time, and I am sure it has. But the switch have not been to the best for what make up the community - its members.

Some of my issues with Huddler:

  • Forum do not extend out on both sides. As a "Contributing Member Level 2/3" I got that feature in the old forum, but no such luck anymore.
  • No cursor in message field.
  • No line shifts (Enter/Return button does nothing) in message field.
  • No spellcheck in message field. It inform me of a misspelled word, but ctrl-click only bring up a custom simple cut/copy/paste menu, not the standard browser one.
  • Not able to quote a post and type below it.
  • In the sub-forum list page there are no way to jump to last page if the last reply only contain an embedded picture.
  • In the sub-forum list page there are no way to jump directly to a given page in a (long) thread. Only first or last.
  • Search is lacking. It is really great at digging up those 5-6 year old threads though, instead of the current/newer ones.
  • Ignore list is broken. First of all it does not block members of your ignore list to send you PMs. Second of all their posts show up in post preview.
  • Picture posting problems. I choose to embed a picture hosted outside Head-Fi, but still it take over and make a local copy.
  • Friends list. No friends anymore!
  • More...



In the beginning Head-Fi was a vibrant community with really knowledgeable and helpful members.

But as the years passed on it turned into more of a newbies place. Not just in that they are unfamiliar with headphones, which I was in the beginning as well, but more in the way they behave around the forum. Instead of searching and reading they just jump out starting a new tread, asking the same question that numerous (!) members have already posted and gotten multiple replies on - like ex. "What is the BEST $50 headphone".


Ok, it is inevitable that a successful community grow larger. But it is sad for an "old" member to see it draining, which probably is one of the reasons many of the old trustful members are no longer around.

..and now I feel it is my time to leave.


Many of you will be missed - no names listed, none forgotten. You know who you are.





Thanks for reading!


Originally Posted by Kees View Post

Hi Kai. It was nice while it lasted. 

As you know Ï agree with your feelings on these forums, I think i'll be following you soon.

Maybe I'll see you around elsewhere.

Hi Kai, sorry to see you go but as Kees stated I understand and feel your pain. Although I have not posted as much as you I have reduced my posting in HF due to the same reasons you posted. Please send me your contact information via PM, cheers!


PS: I may also be following you ...

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I understand and mirror all your frustration.  Inclusion of best buy as a sponsor was the final 'sellout' nail in the coffin.  You read posts all the time from consumerist on how best buy tries to screw the consumer then they come here and jude goes on saying 'they've never done anything wrong' .. I mean really.. its just about the $$$$ now.


Good luck to you.

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This thread makes me sad. 

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You should go out with style and give your B22 to someone who needs it.

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Originally Posted by Sil3nce View Post

This is disappointing and a precursor to an end of an age. What's going to become of this forum if all the prominent members leave? Who will be left to give actual thoughtful and analytical responses. I'm sorry to see you go krmathis and i despair that this might be a portent of some kind to the overall deterioration of this forum.

It's happened several times.  I joined pretty early on and Head-fi has had its ups and downs with members getting frustrated and leaving over many issues.  I left due to an issue with a mod and an influx of new members that kept bombarding the forums with the same questions repeatedly.  I also found my audio nirvana at the time and didn't see any need to be on here.  Over the years I've checked in and found HF to be a frustrating experience...filled with massive amounts of new members and the same clueless posts.  It's understandable that new members=new dollars and continued interest in buying and selling headphones and related gear, but everyone has a little xenophobia in them.  They fear drastic changed to what their comfortable with and react negatively when changes take place.  


I mostly started coming back recently due to a renewed interested in portables and possibly a tube amp.  So I'm taking it easy and reading up on gear and reviews.  I used to check out the member lounge frequently when I was a hardcore member, but this is the first time I've clicked on this particular sub-forum in weeks.  I simply don't bother due to the immense amount of inane posts by the same inane posters by the same inane posters from 5+ years ago,  It's like a broken record.  


I can't speak for the overall status of this site, but I think things will pretty much stay the same.  I just choose to take the good and avoid the bad nowadays.  

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Originally Posted by nikongod View Post

You should go out with style and give your B22 to someone who needs it.

X2....big time.

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Kai, I hope you change your mind; but whether or not you do, thanks for hanging out and posting here, and best of luck in whatever you do. (And thank you for the detailed feedback, here and in other threads.)

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