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Still listening to the Christel Alsos CD you sent me for the 2008 Christmas Exchange biggrin.gif!


Sad to see you go.

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Cya Kr, Enjoy your k1000 in peace smily_headphones1.gif If AKG launches a new k1000 and you get a pair would you post a few words?!  i hope so


Happy trails

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I predicted the slow demise of this forum in the original huddler thread. 


Sad to say, it sounds like that prediction is starting to come true frown.gif

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My name's Andy and I'm the product manager for the Huddler platform. I work with our engineers to design and execute the development of features and functionality. This means that when something doesn't work right, you can pretty much blame me :\
I just wanted to thank you for posting such a clear list of your issues. It's really helpful for me to understand what's been bugging you, and I know that even minor annoyances can add up over time to a critical level. As a legendary user of Head Fi, I am very sorry to see you reach this point, and I take it extremely seriously. I have already made sure that everyone in our company has read your post, which, again, I found very clear and helpful. 
I take personal responsibility for moving the platform issues forward with our development team. We're a young platform but we're growing rapidly, and it's important for us to pay attention to fine-tuning the user experience as well as adding new features and beefing up our scalability. One of my responsibilities here is to balance those priorities, and I have taken your post as a wake up call. Whether or not your time with the Head-Fi community is over, I would like to commit to working on your list, and actually we're already taking steps to address many of the issues on it.
Just to be clear, I don't expect that my promise to work on stuff will keep you around. But I wanted to make sure you knew that we heard you and we take your post to heart. We're a forum company and we're here to make a great platform. When users aren't happy, we're not happy. I am personally crushed to see you go. I just wanted to say thanks for giving us such clear feedback. 
As a side note, I also wanted to say that behind the scenes Jude is an incredible advocate for you guys as a community and he stays on us 120% to make this platform great for users. That's what we're here to do. I appreciate your insights on how we need to do it.
 All the best to you, and I hope we see you again. 
Andy Hilal
Director of Product, Huddler Platform
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Great response Andy. I hope to see improvements soon.

First Ultrasone, now Huddler, maybe they aren't quite so evil anymore. wink.gif
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Krmathis,extremely sad to see  a person like you leave headfi.i am not as old as you,but the place is definetly not the same and i am also sad that wiser old members like you dont post anymore thus i am not here anymore.


Andy,i hope you consider also fixing mobile browsing because headfiers including me have been screaming about it since the transformation and nothing is happing.i also wish you reconsider the amazon-like style of headfi.

i rarely log in anymore and i doubt that will change but i hope you do these changes for the few that post here now.

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When I first started out at Head-Fi, I came for the help. I stayed for the community.


With the Members Lounge and Gear-Fi forums dying, is the community spirit dying with it? And is Huddler to blame? There is no doubt in my mind that there are problems that come with any large forum, independent of platform. The simple truth is that this board has over 130,000 members, but most of them are one-post or zero-post members. It's all well and good to discuss headphones, but I miss the idea of coming to Head-Fi to have a nice virtual conversation with real (remote) friends.


I only regret that I had not joined the community earlier, having started lurking in '05. I think the diminishing of the spirit of community here has less to do with Huddler and more to do with changes that come with any sites that grow exponentially like this one. There are a few people here that still post regularly, but I guarantee a large portion of my 1800ish posts were all in the Members Lounge, just relaxing and having fun. With the required addition of sponsors, advertisements, and increasingly restrictive rules on Head-Fi, it became very difficult to retain that type of community.


I only wish that this site could continue on in the spirit with which it was created, back in Head-Wize days. Unfortunately, I don't think that was meant to be.


So the final question is not "Is the community still there for me?,"  but instead "Is the community going to be there for those coming now?," because if the community spirit here continues to dwindle as it has done, people like me won't be staying after their first "Which headphones to buy" thread.


It's hard to believe now that it's only been a bit under three years since I posted my first thread here. And, lo and behold, it was one of those threads. I was 15. And yet somehow, I've ended up here, posting daily. I couldn't see myself doing that joining today.




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I still prefer the 'old' Head-Fi too. Take care...


(As much as I regard Head-Fi as a forum website with features, for me it is also kind of a club where you can share and find information about gear and music.) I can understand how someone can be so loyal to Head-Fi. I hope you at least had some fun...

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This is disappointing and a precursor to an end of an age. What's going to become of this forum if all the prominent members leave? Who will be left to give actual thoughtful and analytical responses. I'm sorry to see you go krmathis and i despair that this might be a portent of some kind to the overall deterioration of this forum.

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Thanks for the reply, Andy. Could we convince you to stick around and participate? And do you have a good pair of headphones? smily_headphones1.gif

Not to derail the thread, but I wonder if the economy might have something to do with participation. Other purely discretionary hobbies I enjoy have dropped off greatly over the past two years. A cousin does amateur car racing - participation is less than half of what it was. My parents like to take the grandkids off to dude ranches in the summer. A few years back, they struggled to get reservations. This summer, they were the only ones there. Yesterday, I read how motorcycle sales were off 30% from September '09, which was pretty miserable itself.

And in audio, well, check out the deals at Audiogon.

So while it might be convenient to point fingers at Huddler, but I think a lot of people have stopped discretionary spending, and this place has a way of convincing you to spend. Heck, even I knocked off audio purchases about 18 months ago. I love the community and helping out, so I'm staying around, but it is easy to see how the economy might have killed a lot of participation - no matter what software Head-Fi is running.
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Please fix mobile browsing for huddler.

I don't find one single android browser that lets me send PM from my phone. I have installed all major browsers but none of them can do this simple task.

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Do you have the moving message pop up box like we do on the iPhone? It makes things rather challenging  :P

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well I have that. It is so IRRITATING.

When I click to send PM to someone and schroll to the window, it will just move and move. I must be veryyyyyyyy patient to catch it.

So I gave up

Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post

Do you have the moving message pop up box like we do on the iPhone? It makes things rather challenging  :P

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"Not to derail the thread, but I wonder if the economy might have something to do with participation."


Good point, It's best to observe some things out of context. The current detrimental programs implemented have destroyed the economy for the working class in many areas of the world.

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Originally Posted by mcnoiserdc View Post

well I have that. It is so IRRITATING.

When I click to send PM to someone and schroll to the window, it will just move and move. I must be veryyyyyyyy patient to catch it.

So I gave up


It's like Pokemon! Gotta catch it tongue.gif

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