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RSA Raptor vs WOO WA5 LE with parts upgrade for HD800

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Currently, I am using Raptor to drive HD800. The performance is fine. But I want to upgrade it. I am thinking about WOO WA5 LE with parts upgrade. If you have listend to both, can you confirm if WA5 LE with parts upgrade is significantly better than Raptor for HD800?

BTW, I live near Philadelphia. I am wondering if someone near me can offer an audition for WA5 LE.

Thank you in advance.

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It maybe better if you ask here.  There are few WA5LE owner there but not sure they have owned/auditioned RSA Raptor.  I auditioned RSA Raptor and decided to purchase WA22.

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Can you explain why you chose WA22? Thanks.

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No space for the WA5LE and really want a fully balanced amp for my HD800.  The WA5LE is twice size as WA22, plus the 300B tube is going to be very costly is you are looking at NOS or EAT.

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Can you please compare WA22 to Raptor? Thanks again.

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There is an NYC meet.


if you want to save 4 hours of driving, jsut get the WA5. or the WA22.

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Can you let me know the time and address of this NYC meet? Do you mean both WA22 and WA5 LE are significantly better than Raptor for HD800?

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Yes, I think the WA22 with stock tubes is better than the Raptor.  Once you listened to WA22 with all the right tubes, you will never look back.

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Do you think the WA5 with parts upgrade and stock tubes is a lot better than WA22? I may update the stock tubes in future.

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Originally Posted by actuary616 View Post

Can you let me know the time and address of this NYC meet?


go to the Forums page and look for the Meets, Get-Togethers, Factory Tours section. there you'll see local/regional h-f meets....

there you'll find this thread for the ny area meet (it's actually outside of nyc): http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/516571/official-new-york-area-meet-nov-20-white-plains-ny

btw, it's helpful to put your location and gear in your profile....

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WA5 is definitely an upgrade over WA22 balanced or not.  Please keep in mind the parts upgrade is a subtle not as big change as the tubes.  If money is not an issue, go with the parts upgrade.  You won't regret it, I'm glad I did with my WA6 and WA22 (not offered by Jack).  That subtle change is worth it for me, especially if you listen to low level and live, acoustic, and classical.  The instruments separation is more noticeable, not saying that the stock is bad but it is an improvement.

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I have listened to the Raptor in a friend's house sometime ago and based on my recollection the WA5-LE is quite better. I was in between the WA22 and the WA5-LE becuase of most of headphones are wired balanced due to my Rudistor RP010B. My audio chain can be configured either single ended or fully balanced so that was not a deciding factor.


I listed to the WA22 fed by a balanced CD player at Canjam using my balanced T1 and I also listen to the WA5-LE with the same T1 using my balanced to Single Ended adapter. To my ears the WA5-LE even being single ended sounded better than the WA22. Then I had a conversation with Jack about both amps and which way to go. Between what I heard and the conversation with Jack I was convinced that the WA5-LE was the right way to go. I ordred it with all the electronic upgrades including the Teflon sockets and also the tubes upgrades. I can not be happier. I love my amp. You can see it here:



If money is an issue I would go with the parts upgrade since you can upgrade the tubes later. You can upgrade the rectifier tubes and driver tubes for a nice pair of NOS for around $200 total and then later you will just need to upgrade the 300B. the first I would upgrade would be the driver tuebs then the rectifier (this just becuae of cost) and then the 300B.

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Thanks a lot for the info!

What rectifier tubes do you recommend?

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jc9394 is correct. I have the EML 5U4G Mesh but they are on the expensive side. I have as back up a NOS pair of RCA and also a NOS pair of TungSol. Both will do a lot better job than the stock ones for not much money while you can invest in the EML.


Here are some links of that wil not go for much and will sound better than the stock. By the way do not buy the Electro Harmonix. I bought a new pair before goig withthe NOS and they sound harsh. They are cheap but you get what you paid for...







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