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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is the best Amp I have ever owned and probably will ever own, but I'm never home due to deployments (currently in Iraq), "so it is time to sell".  At least those are the words my wife keeps telling me!!!


I have owned 2 x Max Amps prior to the balanced Max and have never had an issue with my Hearoom equipment.  If I had to choose between the BUDA and Max Balanced it would be a no brainer for me.  The BUDA is awesome but the Max Balanced is better!  You will not have to add any upgrades; power supply, pot, wires ect...  Plus it can run two balanced headphones for quick A/B comparisons without a bit of strain in true balanced mode!


WARNING: This thing is massive and almost weighs 50lbs and is interchangeable from 115/230 VAC. 


The movers just unpacked our stuff and it looks like there is a scratch on the right hand side.  I'll confirm this with my wife to see if it can be wiped off or if it just comes out more clear in the photos than real life.


If you have any questions please email me.  If you are in the Tampa area yes you can arrange for an audition and pick up. 


Shipping is included and I do accept Paypal.  No internal DAC.


Thank you for looking!

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what's the volume control - stepped attenuator or Alps RK50.

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I apologize for not catching your post earlier.  I was going back and forth trying to figure that out myself and had to rely on my wife calling Headroom.  The first issue is that there is no serial number on the unit.  They said that there could be a sticker on the outside which there isn't and maybe there is a serial number on the inside, but I didn't want my wife to start dismantling the amp!


The next step taken to find which volume control was used is not scientific.  I had her turn the knob to see if it was smooth or stepped and she said that "it clicks".


The third issue of note is with the photos.  The photos my wife took for me showed a small scratch on the right side of the unit.  She says that it was just in the photo and does not show up in person. 


Thank you

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thanks. it must be the stepped attenuator. i have a balanced home with max module and absolutely love it. so much so that i would consider getting the max for whatever small upgrade it would provide, but i am primarily interested in a unit that has the RK50 pot.


anyone who has a sennheiser headphone (600, 650, 800), this amp is a *perfect* match. great opportunity for someone here. of course, it has the power to drive all headphones (RS1, LCD2) but the senns especially sound amazing.



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