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Rockbox EQ help (Klipsch S4 and Clip+)

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So, basically I listen to rock of all types. The S4's have a lot of bass. I would like to be able to bring up the treble, bring down the bass and bring out the mids. But I really don't know how to do this with Rockbox, this is the first time I have ever used Rockbox. Also, for some reason Rockbox won't show one of my albums under anything unless I search on the memory card, how can I fix this? I almost always just ramdomize all my songs, and I need that one album for it to be all. Thanks very much in advance for your help, it truly is appreciated.
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Don't mean to seem pushy, but any help is greatly appreciated as I have no idea what I'm doing with Rockbox's EQ settings and I would really like to set it up as soon as possible.

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If you go to Sound Settings then equilizeryou can enable the EQ then go to graphical EQ.

There is also Bass & Treble in Sound Settings which is independent of the EQ. I use the bass and treble for small adjustments of the bass and treble and the EQ for the overall sound.

Now for the EQ.


Gain - Freq - Q

I use the first band purely for emphasizing the lower bass or kick. something like 5.0 - 60 - 4.0

the next band for mid bass 2.0 - 100 - 0.7

The next 2 bands are for your mid to high  so maybe something like 2.0 - 1000 - 1.0 & 2.0 - 3000 - 0.7 ( I like my vocals forward hence the frequencies of 1000 & 3000).

The last band is for your highs 2.0 - 11,000 - 0.7


Dont forget to put your PRECUT on to about -10db or that bottom kick will clip like hell.

precut is in the Sound Settings.

Experiment and have fun

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Thank you for the response, I knew where all the settings were, but I have no idea about the frequencies or Q's. I have never used any EQ like Rockbox's, just standard DAP EQ's. Other than this, the most complicated I used was the Cowon D2's. But I'll give your settings a try later and tweak from there.
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Q value for the peak filters determines the width of the range of values affected by your gain. You can think of boosting a frequency of 100hz with a low q value as making a hump and boosting a freq of 100hz with a high q value as making a narrow spike.


However, the q values for the low and high shelf filters are slightly different and you got to be careful with it. I noticed paulypaul has a high q value for his low shelf filter. While a high q value for the low shelf does result in a sharper rise in gain for the frequencies below the specified frequency, it will also result in a dip in gain for the frequencies after the specified frequency. That can be undesirable or desirable depending on how you make use of that. But if you don't want that effect you should keep the q value under 1 (0.7 is recommended).


Here is a file that is helpful in visualizing the eq settings: http://www.musicdsp.org/files/rbj_eq.xls

(the high and low shelf are in the eq1 tab. Ignore LPF and HPF as low and high pass filters are not available in RB)


The precut should correspond to the highest gain that you boosted. But do note that if your setting overlaps the gains do stack.

e.g. for paulypaul's settings, since his 100hz peaking filter has a low q value of 0.7, it will overlap with the gain in his low shelf filter. So there is a possibility that there is an effective gain of 7-6db at 50hz. So his precut should be minimum around 6.5db. So technically he doesn't really need to have a precut of -10db, although I can't be sure about that. I would just trust my ears for any clipping. If i'm not wrong you don't want too much a precut since it might result in a weak signal though.


For the s4, i heard they have a lot of midbass. You might want to cut a db or two around the 300hz region?

You can refer to this for a rough guide as to what frequency to cut or boost.

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I realize this is an older thread but I had to register to say thanks for the info. My S4's were dull and muddy with my Clip+ and were about to get the junk drawer treatment when I saw this thread.


Now I have a big grin on my face using your settings (with a few changes) and my S4's. My 47 year old ears thank you.




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