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Have now also tried Buzz player with both hires flac and various video formats including some with subtitles and all works fine. I can't really tell any difference in sq with the same flac files but prefer Flac player for it's album art and other files support. Will keep Buzz player for it's video capabilities though
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An essential piece of info for Flac player that I just discovered by accident. When adding files to Flac player they will often end up in several collections on the iXXX. When merging the collections into one select the one that you want to keep first and the ones to be merged into it after.

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Fantastic - unpolished, but I can stream all my .flac files (as well as all video files) over samba protocol from my NAS to my iphone, run it through lod to e7 and straight into my cans. Pretty darn happy, as I have been mulling over a new dap just for the .flac issue and cannot be bothered to convert all my files to apple lossless. 


TBO, never thought Apple would sanction this. However, the downside is that it looks more like a beta version than any other ixxxx app I have seen, so I expect plenty of updates as popularity gathers. Also, it is only about one fifth the price of the Flac player app, which I do not think does all the other video streaming. 


Anyway going to have a play now atsmile.gif

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does it support drag and drop flac files to iphone?

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Not quite, it supports usb file transfer from within iTunes
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Anybody having trouble with the Flac player on iPad?  I'm wondering if the problem is post update to 4.3?  Sound is garbled, super high gain, something's really wrong.  I tried a re-boot, no luck.  I can't remember if this is the first time I've tried using the player since the software update. 


Sound is equally screwed up from HPO or through a DAC.


I sent a message to customer support.  Will post if I learn something.


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Originally Posted by swifttal View Post

I know the site states:   Decodes up to 24/96, hardware output up to 16/48... obviously for the headjack output we will allways be limited to 16/48, however does anyone have intel on whether that also includes asynchronous output to say the Onkyo ND-S1 or the near future Algorythm...


Or is it possible we can finally achieve 24/96 via async from an iProduct!?


"I'm working on FLAC Player 1.1 and these experimental 24/96 changes will be implemented. That should work out well for iPad users with nice USB DACs."


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There is only mentioning of iPad compatability using the camera kit. Hope this will also work with Solo and Touch as I will the be buying a Solo for sure

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I'm still working Dan on the trouble I've been having with the FLAC player.  Basically after updating to iOS 4.3 I get distorted sound from my DAC after a short time playing, gain is also very high.  If I remove the DAC I get the same distortion through the HPO.  If I shut down FLAC player and restart without a DAC connected I can get proper sound from the HPO, until I reconnect a DAC.... at that point I might get one track normal and eventually when I shuffle to a new track I get the distortion.  I've tested with the Pico DAC/AMP and Headroom Micro DAC, both previously worked flawlessly.


Has anyone else been playing any high bit rate stuff through a DAC since upgrading OS on the iPad, if so, any issues?  All of the tracks I am using are various high rate FLAC from HD Tracks.  They all worked fine prior to the update.


Dan has a beta version, mentioned in the link above, that he might let me try... that might help, but hoping to see if my problem is isolated or if anyone else is having a similar problem.


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Hi everyone, Dan here.


Couple things - FLAC Player 1.1 is coming.  Small change to the playback engine that beta testers have reported enables 24/96 on iPads with USB DACs.  

It's almost ready for release.  There are some issues to iron out with sample rate switching, which I suspect is the culprit for shipsupt's issue.


Also, nc8000, the change made for 24/96 is not iPad-specific.  It may work on iPod touch/iPhone with an external DAC, but I do not have the test hardware to check this.  I do have a USB DAC and a camera connection kit, as well as some evidence from beta testers, but nothing from Solo / Touch users.  So I can't guarantee it would work.


Finally, 1.1 does bring repeat and shuffle (within a collection) and will read embedded artwork straight out of FLAC files.


Thanks for the support everyone!





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This sounds great. Hope a Solo user tries it and report back
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Dan, thanks for joining headfi to get us info on your great product. There's quite a few of us who will be more than willing to get you data / results for the iPhone updates
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Dan was kind enough to send over a copy of the beta for me to see if it corrected the problem I was having when playing through the DAC.  It seemed we had narrowed the problem to sample rate switches, but it was never easy to replicate the problem.


I've been running the beta for a few days now and so far I'm back in business and enjoying my FLAC files again from the iPad.  The SQ using the beta is still great and the new repeat and shuffle features are nice too. 


If this gets up and running for you iPhone users I think you'll like it.


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And what about iPod Classic users? Is there any chance for such product?

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I think classic users will have to use rockbox if they want flac.  I remember seeing a thread about rockbox coming to the classic but I don't know what stage of development its in. 

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